Peter Mendia // On The Journey // 4:31

posted by / Video / November 29, 2013

Is Peter Mendia the king of the roundhouse? This video argues yes. It shows a year’s worth of the big man’s travels and includes clips from Hawaii, North Africa, Peru, California, Mexico, Florida, Nicaragua, Indonesia and the Bahamas. It’s chock-full of barrels and power surfing and who doesn’t like that?

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12 Responses to “Peter Mendia // On The Journey // 4:31”

  1. It'sOnlyaParkingLotWang says:

    Shit hot!!

  2. Stephen Carson says:

    I wanna surf like that!!

  3. Klonapin Keith says:

    We’ll it it’s not some fly weight doing micro dick airs on 2 ft slop….zen moment!

  4. Kook says:

    That just took out all the top paid guys with ease…….

  5. buranimal says:

    where the fark is that left… ?

  6. Rob says:

    More surfing like this please!! And what’s he riding? Epic inspiring

  7. player hater says:

    florida doggy^

  8. Duke says:

    roundo at 1:47 is unbelievable, best I’ve ever seen

  9. marion says:

    amazing…………just fking amazing…………

  10. Yoda says:

    So refreshing. Good surfing. Real turns. Not a weak little air reverse in sight.

  11. brastrive says:

    more of this less of those than definitely i ll see surf save back to its roots no babbles fine line

  12. ivanovich says:

    no kidding… not even one air reverse. wow. I mean, none. Zero. Thank God.

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