Phillip Goold // East Coast // 2:56

posted by / Video / May 14, 2014

Sometimes, simplicity is the best policy. This clip features Virginia Beach’s Phillip Goold and it’s as simple as glossy ceramic bowl of fluffy white rice. Phillip won’t try any kerrupt flips. He’s not going to do a passion pop like a dickhead. He’s just going to get really, really barreled and surf hard on rail with a style more pleasing than a strawberry-banana smoothie on summer’s hottest day. Mmmm. The surfing starts at 1:04 for all the goldfish attention spans out there.

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  • kris

    a minute of into for a minute and a half of surfing. why

  • Guest

    it’s art bro

  • rel0627

    sandbridge looks fun.

  • Aloha Alex

    I hope Gillette paid you a million bucks because that ad was one of the lamest things I’ve ever seen.

  • Frankous

    who’s the song by? Sounds like my buddy’s band Darkhorse Saloon

  • David

    Looks like he is riding a Fish like shape – surfing so good on that! And yes, I’m a goldfish…less art, more surfing please…

  • Will Robertson

    You need to clear that salt from your ears, its clogging your brain.

  • Truth

    Tell that fucker to eat a steak before trying to set a rail, please. Thanks and i don’t want to buy that used car.