Pipeline // Late 2013 // 5:54

posted by / Video / January 2, 2014

Nobody — not Keith Richards, not Paris Hilton, not even Kenny Powers — partied harder than the Banzai Pipeline to close out 2013. The wave went on a week-long bender, stomping and shouting and vomiting all over the place. Guys like Jamie O’Brien, John John Florence, Damien Hobgood (whom had a broken nose) and Michael Ho were caught in the eye of her storm and there was nary a complaint from the bunch. Damien’s wave at 3:30 could be considered the highpoint. And while the song might not be for everybody, what is sacrificed in sound is made up for in visuals.

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  • Ron Burgandy

    What is the song?

  • ilf


  • gromm

    Great Clip!!!! Just perfect

  • Trevor

    Sick! song was kinda cool