Pirate Raid // Lower Trestles // 1:56

posted by / Video / June 21, 2011

Kalani David’s face at 1:22 shows bewilderment, as he tries to imagine this same scene playing out at home in Hawaii. He cannot.

Lowers Take-Over

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  • Eric

    Hahahaha, this is the best thing I have ever seen.

  • Mik

    “Don’t want to be an American Idiot”….GreenDay

  • DaMan

    They should do this during every stupid contest at Lowers, especially the Nike ones….

  • Richard Licker

    Those pirates look like they take it in the booty

  • chuck

    i thought it was like that everyday!—-looks like a ‘normal day ‘ at lowers

  • Bolivia

    i can see it now. flash mob surf sessions. and yes they should do this at every crappy contest specially every WCT womans event.

  • jacob

    Yes. Fuck Yes! SURFING IS FUN!!!

  • Pete

    Simply awesome. Well done mates.

  • oldmanandthesevs

    i have only good feelings about this

  • Tim C

    Looked like a bunch of hipster kooks that couldn’t surf for shit, to me. But hey what would an old dude like me know.

  • ANON

    Anybody spot Koa Smith in the dress?

  • alex ridzi

    i though that wasa gay parade for a surfing so cal community


  • steve talley

    i’m an old surfer, but i wouldn’t ever go surfing there. i’ve been chased out of rincon because of the same crowd here. no, it’s golf for me and no idiots with their greedy “my wave” mentality.

  • george greenough

    That was the best thing i’ve ever seen. critical mass! yeah! Hope it becomes a worldwide phenomena! rincon, malibu, the lane, ocean beach rip curl contest, masses unite against lunatic corporate insensibility. This pales in comparison to corporate mass destruction of our resources. When will we all rise up against the BIG 3. Dora would have loved this. Please Captain Barbosa bring these uprisings to OUR beach.

  • James

    fucking hilarious. Please take the mateys down under to Snapper, then to Pipe, please please

  • Mick


  • Oldguy

    They should do that every week , I’ve been surfin there for as long as time started ….. too long…. it’s not the young guys out there who are the pricks… it’s the guys who still think there in there 20’s and have a huge attitude … I know this for a fact because I was one of them… this place needs a over-haul…. Good Luck to all of you… and God Bless!!!

  • JT

    Tim C says:
    June 23, 2011 at 2:29 am
    Looked like a bunch of hipster kooks that couldn’t surf for shit, to me. But hey what would an old dude like me know.

    I guess your age is catchin up to ya, there’s plenty of people who knew what they were doing. You don’t see kooks pulling off helicopters.

  • JT

    Whoops, guess my split second attention span caught up with me. Thought this was the 2012 video page.