Puerto Escondido // Maverick Moments // 2:42

posted by / Video / July 14, 2014

A lot of good things happened on July 5th and 6th at Puerto Escondido. Shane Dorian and Gabriel Villaran nabbed Billabong XXL Ride of the Year submissions. Brad Domke caught the biggest wave ever ridden on a skimboard (We won’t post the video because we are a SURFING magazine). And the folks at Maverick Moments flew a drone around and filmed these clips — an interesting new angle on a wave that regularly produces some of the darkest caverns of the Northern Hemisphere summer.

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  • Vicente Fictício Cruz

    “(We won’t post the video because we are a SURFING magazine)”
    This comment is stupid!

  • Samuel Ruffin

    you can surf a wave on a skim board you know….and he was standing up

  • Sponger for life!

    If ride a wave you are surfing. Don’t be kooks.

  • Clancyphoto

    This is great. Thank you Maverick Moments for showing some really different drone angles. I love the low flying angles of the jet ski, the tower shot, the direct overhead stuff, etc. Well done! I find it more interesting when you think it’s a jib shot, but goes beyond the limits of a jib.

  • Industry Guy

    Only a kook would put that comment up. You guys should do a article him, Brad Domke, after all he got a XXL nomination for that barrel… Rethink your magazines image I know I am not the only one losing interest in your publication.

  • Taco

    That surfing magazine comment is lame and pretentious, sorry but I lost respect for your publication after that comment. You guys should respect an epic ride like Brad Domke’s.

  • Noduh

    Love how they say they wont show it because they are a surfing magazine but in the video they show a clip of him flatland skimboarding but wont show the epic wave he caught. hypocrites i tell ya!

  • dangerous Jay

    This is the first time I’ve ever been to your site and this is the first feature I look at. You’re comment about not posting the video is amazing; You’re articles must be written by ignorant fourteen year olds. Oh well. I guess since I’m not a regular visitor you won’t care when I never come back again. Have fun.

  • josh

    “We wont post a video because we are surfing magazine”
    I thought the spirit of surfing was all about being water men, surfing, fishing, skimming, swimming… all that good stuff. Kooks