Raph Bruhwiler // Innersection // 3:36

posted by / Video / November 15, 2012

By Adam DeWolfe

Raph Bruhwiler lives in Canada. He has a gun. He hunts stuff.

He kills it.

Raph Bruhwiler

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  • Sliding Sense

    I feel like there needs to be a scene where Keith Malloy stumbles out of the forest with a mountain man beard and a Patagonia outfit for this to be a truly legitimate cold water surf film.

  • Héctor

    naahh!!! That was a original coldwater surf film…Perfect waves, food and a good place to be.

  • Tim

    @Sliding Sense

    Actually Keith and Raph know each other quite well, teamed up in the Nelscott Reef big wave contest and came 4th in 2006. Also, I’m sure Keith would be the first to point out that there are many “truly legitimate” cold water surfers around.

  • barnesy

    Love this.

  • alby t ross

    the surfing images are of Mentawai and Indo. Digital effects changed coconut trees to conifers and added rubber to the surfers. If you think the waves are like that in BC you are nuts hahaha