Reef // De Passage // 23:31

posted by / Video / June 16, 2014

Reef premiered their brand new movie De Passage at San Diego’s La Paloma theater last Thursday and boy, was it something. Twenty-three minutes of raw surf travel fun, with a garnish of French for good taste. Children shouted. Women cooed. Men howled. From Taylor Knox’s section at J-Bay (6:50), to Mikala Jones’ endless tubes (15:58), to the girls! How lovely are the girls (10:12)? It was almost too much to process, which is why we’re delighted about Reef setting De Passage loose on the internet. Now grab a mug of iced milk, sit down and press play. Also, make a note of your nearest airport — we have a feeling this movie will draw you towards it very soon.

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  • Bennyri

    Dam you!!!! :) I think I will have to max out the credit card on a flight to…….. any of those places. It’s all your fault I’ll be broke.

  • Inger Saxton Furgo

    How can I go through life now being the same?.. Thanks for changing me a little bit, gotta go now. To the beach.

  • Jeremy Almeda

    The smile, stoke and celebration (in the last shot) is why we do what we do. Pure. Love.

  • Tom

    Flat out amazing work of cinematic art !
    This short movie transports you to another place, you feel like your traveling with them, in the water with them, surfing with them. It transcends time and space.
    You cant just watch this, you feel it.