Riders on the Storm // Little Rincon // 6:05

posted by / Video / March 31, 2014

It’s been a forgettable year of surf in Southern California but there was a single storm that brought amazing waves and content is still leaking out from it. All the novelty spots were doing it and if you can actually score at Little Rincon, possibilities are endless.

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  • wyatt

    As an aspiring surf filmmaker, I have one question for the makers of the clip above? How did you guys settle on “Riders On The Storm” to soundtrack it? Was it due to the fact that it was filmed during a storm? Or was it that surfers are “riding” waves? Or was it that surfers are “riding” waves generated by “the storm.” Regardless, terrific, unexpected decision.

  • yep

    wow, of all the songs in this beautiful universe, leave it to kook maclennan to insult each and every one of us.

  • JT

    Hey Kyle macKookmyere, thanks for poaching out my zone. Next time, why dont you just draw a map to the spot too!! Piss off!!

  • Alex

    I happen to think this is a great edit. Just because something has been used before doesn’t mean you can’t use it again.

  • kyle

    Hey JT why don’t you say that to all the millions of people who drive by this wave as it’s right next to the freeway!!!!!!!!!

  • Sexy Playa

    Greatest Rock Band ever. Stones are overrated. Floyd is #2.

  • anyone

    that was the best afternoon of the year, everywhere was firing and they chose to film there?


  • M

    Thanks for blowing up the spot. At least you did it to a shit song. Credit to the boys for some sick ones though. Now go film in LA

  • Seen and surfed it a lot better

    Wide this year, behind the pier next year.

  • Norther

    Wow you southers are a bunch of fucking kooks. Sick song and a sick edit. JT you’re such an idiot you probably don’t even know who the doors are. Go ride your fixie kook. Pretty sure everybody on the planet knows where little rincon is you fucking barneys. Go drop in on Dane and Kelly at Rincon.

  • slayer

    Let’s show all the landmarks, and name the spot…. Eff you, Kyle. Eff you, Sewerfing Mag. KOOKS

  • radness

    Anybody bummed that their “secret spot” is being exposed in this video has clearly never left southern california or surfed a decent wave. Retards. 8 million people drive by this wave every day. Kick rocks kooks. This is a good edit with good local surfers, which is hard to find these days amoung a sea of hipster videos these days. Keep up the good videos kyle!

  • hater nation

    Man. Everyone must be so bummed that their “secret spot” got blown up in this video. Anybody upset about this video has clearly never left southern california, or surfed a halfway decent wave in their life. Not to mention if this was “your spot” you would’ve been out there pulling in and probably would have got a clip in this video. Bunch of retards getting upset about a wave that 8 million people drive by everyday on the 101. Fucking morons. Hats off to Kyle and Surfing for sharing some good surfing with ventura local boys with no hipster weirdness. Hard to find these days.

  • LC7

    From the few of us who live here. FUCK YOU! We have posted you face in our memories you donkey. The surf is shit here. The one freaking day we gets waves retard from LA posts it.