Video: Rincon From The Sky

posted by / Video / January 27, 2014

If you’re looking for the California dream, look no further. This is it right here. Perfectly green water, sunny skies, a right that never ends. This past swell hit Rincon just right. You’ve already seen what it looked like from ground level, now here’s what it looked like from the sky. Conner Coffin, Dane Reynolds and some unidentifiables indulge while a drone takes notes. Conner will be on the ‘QS full-time this year and we’ll go ahead and claim you’ll see his hack on the ‘CT in 2015. The surf world has also been abuzz with rumors of Dane going back on the qualification quest. Might this mark Dane’s return to competition? Now that’d be a dream come true.

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  • Charlemagne

    This is awesome, a forum to voice an opinion on the merit of photographic evidence provided by content of those merely willing to do so as provider to public and private audience. The aerial vantage of waves reaching and spilling over from levels above sea-level as surfers glide freely across the water. From the surfing readership and audience perspective this is cinematic. In post production one seems to wonder what type of class and rules go beyond layment terminology and the usage of jargon stymie for normal courses of business. The acronyme LSALT is not a misnomer for common usage. Federal airways that mostly apply to the ground level also designate airspace to areas or corridors above water. Level of Safe Altitude at 1000ft to those whom agitation is applicable may ascertain the argument at closest FAA regional office, FSS flight service station or FBO fixed base operator. Really all one needs to know is uncontrolled airspace, or Class G in proximal airspace to an airport can become controlled by a flight plan or permit by the state. Now if one really gets ticked off then one could assume that any flying aircraft or airship could fail to achieve flight and the fact this failure may occure would negate a minimum level of elevation above ground and a glide disstance of 1000 feet. No matter the airmen qualification behind the yoke, the rules apply to this because of safety. This is not safe and it would behoove the navigator to be estopped or quit violating the simple human right of freedom to enjoy quiet space. Like that of most movable real or personal property. Its applys to most chattel even that which is not human.

  • Noah Alani

    Wow that is a great angle for Rincon

  • Anderson

    I saw Arson in there

  • Chip

    Hey Charlemange; they used a toy helecopter about the size of a frisbee.

  • carlos

    wow… “the simple human right of freedom to enjoy quiet space” right by the freeway. serious stuff…

  • Greg Huglin

    Best surf video I’ve seen in years.

  • Alex

    I don’t want helicopters buzzing around me when I’m trying to surf. This sucks

  • Drone on

    Over the drone angle.

  • Eddie

    Charlemagne: That is a bunch of non-sensical bafflegab.

  • its ok

    oh and thanks for exposing another great secret spot to the masses

  • Carrozza Surfboards

    This is rad – how could anybody not think this is sick?

  • Franklin

    drone footage makes me feel good about myself.

  • charcoal

    rincon? secret spot? really?
    coolest footage i’ve seen in years

  • Gofuckyourself

    What’s next? The abominable snowman (Mr. Staypuff) minces words with Godzilla? Rincon has valuable properties along the shore and landings for drone operators. Great for Sunday openings.

  • Gerry

    There is a movie called Jerry Maguire in the 90s, his sports agency story will prove the point that Rincon is being used opportunistically by the real estate market to adversely promote home prices and pro athlete contract sales with an underlying procaine stockpile for clinical trials and overages.

  • Josh

    Don’t forget the fact the Federal Judiciary snubbed one hundred million in restitution for the head concussion medical cases due to collegiate athletics. Now that aerospace and government surplus is developing airports and transportation hubs this inertia will someway help sports moguls to get noticed. I don’t get how these flying saucers are getting helped first.

  • Flyswatter

    Special use of drones for filming surfers… Carry on good show. DDT or water for terrorist,fire fighter and farmer…. not so good.

  • Douglas B,

    It seems either story of Strom Thurmond or Joe Paterno while both at rest, would be better addressed to relieve agitation from something you wouldn’t ordinarily want to be around. Non- commercial drone use should be limited to airport areas. Call the police. Oh and JFK Jr. had no sense at all at the fatal craash of Marthas Vin. so what use is endangering surfers with remote control helicopters and adverse funding?

  • Roger

    the lawyers make the money, ask them about jerry sanduski and Ron Goldberg today, that is what they get paid for. OJ is still going but they all deserve privacy just as much as Monica Lawinski or Tanya Harding.

  • Troy

    Great surfing, though watch out for these types of guys, real savy, they get locked into legal contracts at young ages and know when things get to be slighted. You’ll be the first to know it when the AP starts to ask where your last appointment book listing and posted ledger coincide.. Best make haste and work from the inside, single year term. most estate planners are No. of county line … any goodness to suggest?

  • Goldcoaster

    Carefull of the gusty sundowners… hey isnt recreational piloting seasonal there anyway.

  • High Tower

    This corporeal policy of surf cinematography has got to stop. We are not drones to autocratic leadership. GGlass is popular but I would never stand on a street corner to be part of the seeming police academy.

  • Gina

    Wouldn’t an exclusive documentary taken from a floating mattress for the local gazette make more sense? Drones are plain crazy…

  • Bowfish

    Whatever piercing noise comes from thrusters, drones arent the objects making an issue here, surfing is…. hello …. take the blinders off already. Go serfing already.

  • Barb

    Thats not whats going on. I dowanna know aboutit.

  • its ok

    who are these people and why do they talk so funny?