Rip Curl Rubber Souls: Gabriel Medina // 2:38

posted by / Video / October 20, 2012

Many say he will be Brazil’s first World Champ

Many may be right

Gabriel Medina, Rubber Souls

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  • Pauly Boy

    ASP judges must be robber souls…..they robbed this kid against Julian.

  • the truth

    Gabriel Medina, winner of Portugal Pro 2012.

  • bml

    someone wanna tell me how julians first wave (a garbage barrel that he broke out of) was a 7+ ? Try a 3 or a 4. What a joke.

  • G

    ASP judges have no shame. What they did is unconscionable. This was not some close call that could be argued based on judging criteria.
    Unless of course that criteria has nothing to do with riding a wave. He had every right to walk off stage. He’s a young man who has chosen a path, or one chose him, and he has just discovered it could very well be a sham. Anyone who doesn’t understand his tears is without a vision of their own. More power to you Mr. and Mrs Medina and to your extremely talented offspring.

  • John Fox

    This kid is a beast. Could be one of the greatest ever to shred.

  • LongboardLarry

    He is a whiny, spoiled little brat that thinks the world owes him something. He cries if he loses a heat and his family breaks shit in the surfers area. He should be expelled from the rest of the tour for his immature, childish antics.

    Personally I think ASP should change the legal age to participate in the WTC events to 21 and get all these whiny, cry baby kids with no respect off the tour.

  • Ben

    I dunno… Flicky, fast turns with big airs at the end? Are we watching Jadson Andre? I’m kidding to be sure; Medina’s tube riding is great, but you get my drift…

  • My Take

    He actions after that heat (leaving the stage during the award ceremony, etc.) were the actions of a petty, spoiled, unsportsman-like brat. He needs to sack-up & start acting like a man.

  • yep

    Gabriel is finding out at a young age why the worlds best leave the tour. If he continues to be exposed by the ASP’s shortcoming’s he’ll probably bail too, and become the next freesurf freak. Welcome young Gabby.

  • Ozil

    Yep, LongboardLarry, are you the typical old fart who wants everything to stay the way they have always been? So Nicky Wood, Occy, Pottz and half of the fricken 80s generation should have been left out of the tour?

    I think the result was a mistake, although on average Brazilians are way too one sided in their judgment, but as a former competitor I hate seeing injustice being done.

    Julian doesn’t need this, neither does Medina or the tour.

    A couple of years Sunny Garcia and Jeremy Flores BASHED two people out right in front of the competitors’ area. This was against every rule in the book. What did they get? Nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

    Either the ASP gets its act together or else an alternative tour will appear soon, just like what happened to boxing. Mark my words.

  • Jorge Jojó

    ASP should be respect all around the world who watch its events. Wrongs like that about this heat, will get a serious problem to organization, in credibility. I dont know what a kind of solution will solve this problems, about judges. But the ASP will be not respected in world while suport bad judges in staff. All the peoples saw that Medinas won that event, no doubt about it. But, it´s very dangerous to sponsors, midia and surfers, wrongs like that. This is not a question of nation, race or others. This is question of respect, maximum respect to those who loves a real surf.
    (sorry for my bad english language)

    From Jorge Jojó
    Marataízes city,

  • Dirt

    That first barrel of Julians was quite critical, he traveled a fair way and punched through a heavy section. 7.5 may seem high, but if it was, then so was Medina’s left barrel (7.7), Medina never got deep. I also thought Medina’s wave with the air and 2 turns got what it deserved. Then Jules got a barrel and 3 turns for the score. Where is the injustice??? I don’t see it!! BTW the Medina’s were upset about the priority decision more than the scores.
    However, Medina’s behaviour afterwards was disgusting!!. It’s not surprising considering he’s a brazzo. That’s how they roll.

  • alby t ross

    the priority is what is the problem they should just get rid of that shit

  • sandro

    they usually say THE LAW IS BLIND is wrong the JUGDES and ASP are

  • Jorge Jojó

    Medina is a man, not a boy! Don´t look for age, about great performances. Remenber that anothers athletes began to compete at early ages, as Pelé, Ronaldo, Leonel Messi and many others. ASP should be to prepare to this new generation, great generation, John John, Medina, Miguel Pupo, Gudauskas brothers, and many more. Respect for sure in comments!

  • kris

    I get that some people think it was lame of medina to react the way he did but you have to understand how fucking frustrating it is when that happens. it happens in other sports too. bad calls, bad refs, we get robbed and fucked over. some people express more than others. so what, freedom of expression.

  • Irene

    DIRT, implying that brazilians’ behavior in general is disgusting is just wrong: Your xenophobia is disgusting. Yor comment is so disrespectful and racist and just shows how ignorant you are. Gabriel Medina is a 17-year-old who clearly takes surfing and competing very seriously and yes, he got emotional over losing in what he thought were unfair condtions. So he was disappointed and angry and he had a hard time pretending he wasn’t, big deal.

  • HH

    Cry for getting second? Paint’s you out to be a little spoiled bitch.

    I agree the kid was robbed, but your on the fucking world tour grom man up.

  • Jeremy

    Article 140: Judging Criteria
    Surfers must perform to the ASP judging key elements to maximize their scoring
    potential. Judges analyze the following major elements when scoring waves.
    – Innovative and progressive manoeuvres
    – Combination of major manoeuvres
    – Variety of manoeuvres
    – Speed, power and flow

    Don’t take it from me. The ASP rulebook is clear. Medina won.


    How can you guys tell about Brazzo’s behavior saying that!!!???

    here is a Beast (LongboardLarry) saying that the ASP should change the old legal to 21. What a hell?????
    I bet you are a Fat man that cant even do a little turn, a little snap or surf with a thruster.

    Shame on you, MR Longboard fatguy jellows…..

    You guys will be obrigated to swallow the Brazos, Thaitians, South Africans and Europeans surfer as well…. cause surf is no more a Americans and Aussies sport since a long time ago…..only the ASP judges think different that…..

    Medina already is one the biggest guys on tour, and he is allowed to be who he wants….

  • Jorge Jojó

    You are wrong, Irene! Brazilians respect anothers ones, despite great controverse heat about event. Take a look at videos and you will see the truth, about scores in that heat. We want for justice, correct scores, not dangerous wrongs that damage the ASP images around the world. Of course, all the surf lost, not ASP events. Please, respect the brazilians opinions. Can you imagine the damage about this new generation surfers and sponsors, about coments like that you said?

  • Irene

    Jorge I don’t think you understood what I said. Um cara comentou que o comportamento de Gabriel M. era repugnante mais que nao era una surpesa pra ele porque ele acha que assim sao os brasileiros. Eu só estava dizendo que o racismo e a xenofobia desse cara sao desagradáveis e que ele é muito ignorante.


    Jojó you rips dude…..if what hapening now with the young Brazos, im saying about sponsorship, media, champs and trips, when you were a grom starting a career , im pretty sure that you should be the first one Brazilian won a WT.

    You started out everything what is happen now in Brazil….legend…

  • Kyle

    It was just the judges way of giving back to the Aussie’s after they completely robbed Owen Wright in Brazil last year with Adriano’s hideous floater that shouldn’t have scored more than a 4. After watching Gabriel cry on stage in front of thousands, I’d probably say Julian deserved it even more.


    i just have 1 thing to say;

    ” I saw Kelly crying at the Shower an event”…..

    Should i say anything????

    Only the dreamers crys!!!!!

  • return tickets

    no respect for brazzo because the only one we encounter here in the USA are the rich little brats. they are horrible people that dont deserve visas

    Modesty and manners go a long way and it seems that Medina has neither

  • Ale

    Return tickets u are the kind of person ho thinks own the world , and we talking about surf , but for sure u don’t know what it is , so go fuck yourself .

  • Jorge Jojó

    Ohhhh, Irene!! Me desculpe! Eu devo ter entendido errado.. rs. Putz! Preciso melhorar meu ingles imediatamente… haha. Bom, fico feliz por saber que todos estamos preocupados com esta situação, das baterias mal julgadas. Me add ai no face, pra gente trocar uma idéia melhor sobre isto, ok? Grande abraço, fique na paz e mil desculpas por minha infeliz incompreensão (culpa do mal ingles). Aloha!

    add me:

    Obrigado, Irene!

  • Ale

    Dirt u don’t understand nothing about surf , only u think That Julian waves was better Than medina waves, or maybe u are blind !!!

  • Ale

    Jorge e Irene muito bom o comentario de vcs , e isso ai tem que escrever memo , por que aconteceu foi uma vergonha par asp , parabens pra vcs . Abraco.

  • TheBadMojo

    They should have fined him for his poor sportsmen like attitude. Judges are going to make bad calls. Deal with it.

  • Jorge Jojó

    Pay atention, “return ticckets”, about your coments about brazzos!
    Your coments is so sad and dangerous ofensives. This is why the future of surf events have no future. Nations against nations, people against people, the philosophy that one race is superior anothers, it´s shame. Sad, sad, sad……..
    No more coments.

  • Jorge Jojó

    Obrigado, Ale! Dias melhores virão! Tenho fé em deus… rs. Abraços!

  • Pablo Moreira

    I would say this LongboardLarry, you’re a frustrated, a pity that you know nothing about surfing, and looking just surfing that comes from your parents or cultutas between the countries of the surf, as Australia and the USA.
    Who are you calling a boy since he was 17 runs the ASP circuit?? What do you know about surfing? Have you been champion of anything? Have you won anything in his life in sport?

    Think before you speak nonsense … because these are young people today who are revolutionizing the surf. It is they who drew this egeomonia that existed until a few years ago!

    LongboardLarry Actually, I’m very sorry for is you asshole!

  • matt obrien

    What I found the most “troubling” aspect of Medina’s “loss” was not that he cried, BUT that he showed a TOTAL lack of sportsmanship for not congratulating Julian AND staying on stage to show that sportsmanship when the “winner” was announced. Fact is, Julian didn’t judge/score his own wave, so to treat Julian with total disrespect IS what I find appalling. Regardless of his age, nationality or “how many world titles” the kid “will bring back to Brazil”. As for the racist and ridiculous comments concerning Median, I thought that was waaaaay out of line. Kinda like being pissed at the guy who “won” even though that “winner” didn’t do it to himself. I am sure that Median will NEVER play defense like HE DID in those final minutes of that final (or any heat) EVER AGAiN. Once bitten, twice shy!! Slater wants this win, so I say he will win.

  • Augusto

    Gabriel is a very good surfer and will have a tremendous future ahead. In the final he showed his strengths – technical maneuvers, airs… However, his extreme emphasis on technical impacts his style and flow. He looked a bit robotic with his pretty much rigid and fixed wide stance.

    One of the core points of the ASP judging criteria includes “flow” and Gabriel didn’t look quite smooth in that area. Overall, looking at past ASP winners (e.g., Slater, Fanning, Irons) and top contenders (e.g., Parko, Taj, Jordy), aside of technical focus they all show/ed nice flow and style.

    Food for thought for GM…

  • the dude

    Like most americans, I cant bring myself to root for brazilian surfers. Adriano’s stance/style/over-claiming drives me nuts.

    So I was rooting for the primadonna aussie in the final no doubt. But it seems painfully obvious that Julian should not have won that heat.

    I also think its worth cutting Gabs some slack on his post-heat hissy fit. Hes still a kid and he was totally robbed.

  • Paolista

    Gab is a “maricon”, que pinche verguenza de puta que lo pario

  • JDog

    Hahaha…. what was everyone expecting? Surfing contests aren’t about the best surfers… Wake up and wear some surf clothing and pad some surf execs bank accounts. They’re laughing all the way to the bank in the market they are successfully creating and jamming down our throats. You can really “buy” the beach and kick taxpayers out of the water? Then advertise all over it??????
    Contests ARE the demise of surfing. You really can’t tell already?