RIP Sonny Miller: A Tribute

posted by / Video / July 15, 2014

RIP Sonny Miller. The surf world lost another great last week. Sonny’s was the eye that filmed Tom Curren in The Search films and his was the smile that illuminated the world around him. After all the hard work Sonny had put into movie-making over the years, Rip Curl returned the favor by producing this heartfelt goodbye to the man. And yes, it is totally OK to cry while watching.

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  • knice

    Farking A. If I was going to make a tribute to the life of the one and only Sonny Miller, it would not be all about a ride at J-Bay. And I could do better.
    What a truly weak and embarrassing effort that is called Rip Curl returning the favour.
    Even Tom should be ashamed of these 4 minutes.
    This is shameful. His legacy is much larger than 240 seconds, you dim-wits, and I do mean dim.
    Sincerely, all surfers

  • refrus

    RIP Sonny Miller. Pure love for surfing. Recognized by some. That would be great if the magazines let the writers dig a little deeper. There’s so many stories and influencial poeple in surfing that we would love to know about