Ripping the Pit, We’ve Got it All

posted by / Video / September 4, 2009

Happy Friday from the Mag!  Start your labor day weekend off with this classic 80’s body boarding music video.  You’ll love…well at least we did.

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  • mini

    Probably the sickest vid i’ve ever seen.

  • Travis

    Did that just happen? I’m ordering Oakley Blades and a Morey Boogie as I type.

  • Jeff

    I couldn’t even get through ten seconds of this without stopping to catch my breath from laughing so hard….

  • Joe

    it’s videos like this that make me miss the 80’s…granted I was like 2 probably when this vid was shot, but the horrible clothing still lived on in my day

  • http://NA Nathan Myers

    Wow…that vid really gave me that nice bodyboarding feeling. Where can I buy this whole package…i mean, the look, the song, the crew, the time of my life! Weeeeeeeeee!