Sandy Ryan // Shipstern Bluff // 2:54

posted by / Video / July 17, 2012

Video: Simon Treweek
Surfer: Sandy Ryan
Location: Shipsterns Bluff, Tasmania, Australia

Shipsterns is a tow-wave, right? That’s why we haven’t seen much of it on Innersection yet. Then here comes Victorian devil Sandy Ryan with this all-Shippies session. It’s as much a tribute to the spot as his own hellmanship. Then he closes it out by bringing us inside the wave with him…an amazing clip angle, for sure.

“Sandy is Shipsterns most regular regular,” says filmmaker Simon Treweek, “even though he doesn’t live in Tasmania. He’ll fly into Apple Isle on the sniff of a swell, ensuring he’s in the lineup before the sun rises and until it sets.” Guess that’s what you need to do to score clips like this. Sandy and Ryan are currently working on a full-length movie about this form of insanity, called Sally. Look for it out later this year.

Sandy Ryan

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  • Sven

    That’s mental. GoPro tube shot at end is best I’ve seen.

  • Luke Shad

    He’s also one of the biggest legends you’ll ever meet!

  • LMB

    Cannot express how badly I hate the added post warp effect. The wave and riding are impressive enough – why get cheesy and gimmicky? Would have closed the window as soon as it started, but wanted to see end POV… which was also tainted. Fail

  • Mik

    maddness > raddness.

    (what’s-up with the hate LMB? i mean does everything have to be done your way?)

  • Roger Engbert

    Best paddle-in shipsterns I’ve seen. Look forward to the movie!

  • Shamanjon

    Too bad LMB. Waah! Great footage, taking his lumps along w/ some superb rides. Very nice. Heaving, nasty Ship’s at it’s best.

  • 92007

    Stupid effects ruined everything!!!!,,,,they have no place in a video like that. fail

  • Simon

    Check back now – the warp effect was not part of the original edit – not sure what happened but seems to be all good now

  • ben

    whats that song?