Seven Ghosts: Tidal Fantasy // 3:10

posted by / Video / April 11, 2011


When the first pulses of the tidal bore showed, Bruno Santos, Dean Brady, Tyler Larronde, Oney Anwar, and original Searcher Tom Curren were there to greet the chocolate barrels of the Seven Ghosts. Witness the greatest river bore tubes ever surfed.


tidal fantasy

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  • playdough fromez

    I was there 3 years ago.
    No one around, just like Jeff Clark at Mavs.
    I poured anti-freeze all over myself to heed off the piranhas. Next, I skipped merrily into the sea only to have my right testicle ripped clean off by someone or something. I had to end my surf session, but sewed my sack together. Next, I found a store that said “I surfed the tidal bore.” With my right testicle in one hand and t-shirt in the other, I walked away a new man.

  • KIMO

    Considering that amount of money Rip Curl spent to document this wave, this psuedo documentary is truly is a bore……. Too much talking and not enough ripping.

  • pooh water

    Rip Curl, “The Search”, wow how original. Bros, let’s get in the swamp water. Big off the bottom, big off the top. Swoosh.

    Cliched terms we might hear in the film:

    “my legs were burning, seemed like I was on it forever”

    “I wasn’t sure about surfing it and then after the first wave, it just felt natural”

    “I didn’t get the news that I was invited by Rip Curl until the last minute.”

    “It didn’t seem real, but it was just “us” out there, it was heavy”

    “The water was weird, but after a while, just felt good”

    “I had heard about this place, but never thought I’d surf it”

  • ecto

    I thought it was 6 ghosts and one apparition?

  • Antony Colas

    Wanna jump from dream to reality, just jump !

  • ghandi

    That water is teaming with hep-c.