Shane Dorian // Jaws (Peahi) // 0:50

posted by / Video / October 10, 2012

With social networks in place, this will probably be the most-seen Jaws clip in the shortest time span ever

All for good reason of course. Shane’s got “Jazz Hands”

Shane Dorian

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  • g rowl

    Geoff Rowley surfs it better.

  • Mark

    Great video !!!!

  • wangdu

    Hands Down the heaviest wave ever paddled into. My bets for Shane on Ride of the Year, although the seasons just started..

  • ej

    Right on Shane having fun in the heavies

  • Bushy

    It’s ok, but would have liked to have seen him finish it off with a reverse.

  • Ben miller

    Jazz Hands claim?! Let’s see Adriano do that at Jaws