Sherm Moments: Andy Irons

posted by / Video / April 5, 2013

Andy Irons wins the 1998 OP Pro at Huntington Beach

From the trials to the main event

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  • Sherm

    Killer Gomes, I thought i’d beat you to the punch this time(you know about the killer punch? right?.)..My son asked me today( he reads the blog)” why does this man seem so angry,and say’s such bad things about you? “I told e’m he’s seems to be a very sad person,and he seems to thinks that the surf world really cares what his views of me are… I told him I feel sorry for him.. If you think i’m such a kook Kaipo,that must mean Kelly,Andy,Art Aarron ,Todd,MR,Simon,and Flame must all be kooks too for liking what i do,and worked with me over,and over,all these years..Your negative rants are getting old Killer.Think of a new blog act Gomes. By the way,not that there’s anything wrong with bodyboarding, but i surf,and always will..It blows my mind how much negative energy you put out.What goes around , comes around….AIFOREVER!!!!!! Steve Sherman

  • Kaipo Gomes

    “critical”: exercising or involving careful judgement or judicious evaluation.

    “criticism”: the art of evaluating or analyzing with knowledge.

    Why do you focus solely on the “negative” aspect of this? Are you not reading any of this? I will apologize to your son as I don’t want to bum a young, impressionable kid out. But……………………………let me ask you, Steve, how do you choose the photo you present here? Do you exercise judgement or judicious evaluation over others? Sure you do. Every person has an opinion but very few will actually voice their opinion or in my case type my opinion. I feel it’s lame that you solely shoot “mainly” in the VIP area of elite surf contests. You get a VIP pass to that area that other shooters cannot get. Therefore you have a HUGE advantage over them. They can’t even get near those subjects to shoot to even compete with your shots. Some of the shots you get are good for what they are but they are not surfing on waves in the water. Do you get that? You really are a one-trick-pony that sets your digital camera on black & white and basically fires away. What’s so hard about that? Compare that to the guy swimming his ass off in the water. Or the guy getting slammed by the crowd on the beach. Or the guy trying to get a different angle down the beach. Come on you even have to get this. Ask yourself is the shot of Andy really great? I think not. And I think you would agree. Your shot of Andy behind the Presidential podium is getting there because of the concept and what he is wearing. Show that and tell that story. Glad you have an open mind to discuss. Don’t take this as negative but as a kick in the ass to push you to do better. Why not?

  • Barry M


    Would you agree that developing key relationships is a huge asset to business? It seems that Sherm has done quite well in this aspect, allowing him to get those behind the scene shots that nobody else gets. It seems that the world’s best trust Sherm. So why can’t you simply appreciate the image instead of tainting it with your irrelevant negative opinion. It’s sad that your words have impacted his kid.

    Shame. What a shame.

  • Joko


    You seem to think you know a lot about photography, maybe you do (prove it), but you’re forgetting about actual journalism. I don’t think you understand how hard it is to get access as a photojournalist. I can assure you, it’s much easier to stand on a beach with a telephoto lens and shoot people surfing than it is to gain access like Sherm does. Hell, anyone who can swim and afford the camera gear can jump into the waves and start shooting. Their shots might not always be good, but anyone can do it. Not everyone has gained the access that Sherm has. A lot of his shots provide some deep insight to surf history. Like his shot of Kelly and Andy at the Red Bull House in 2003, huge moment that sparked a lot of emotion and discussion. Where was the guy on the beach for that shot? Sherm’s shot of Kelly in 2006, Mundaka, where Kelly is in the crowd of people is one of my favorite shots. I don’t know if that shot would have worked out if Kelly and Sherm didn’t have the relationship they have. And I’m not trying to say that what Sherm does is better than those guys in the water or on the beach, I’m just saying in order to tell a story, you need all those shots. In order to record history, you need to cover every angle. If it wasn’t Sherm shooting the behind the scenes stuff, it would have been someone else because we still need those shots.

  • Sherm

    Thanks to all of U (Mr. Gomes included) at least you guys care enough to even have an opinion.I have learned, and have made an effort to apply some knowledge from the good, the bad and the ugly on the blog. For the record, I can shoot action with the best of ’em (just ask Pete Taras). It so happens, photojournalism and portraits are what turns me on at the moment. To tell the truth though, I’d much rather surf than shoot surf action… So I’d like to thank all you guys(Kaipo included) for at least checking my images out. As far my son goes Kaipo, no worries.. He knows what I do ,and that it’s all up judgment. It ‘s when it get to the weird, blog attack mode that it bums me(and My son Taj) out .I resorted to myself with Kaipo and some situation that he had..My bad Kaipo. I now have heard you as a person, not a angry blogger.. Live and learn!!
    Surfer for life, Sherm

  • Jeffrey Mile

    I might be biased because I loves sherms work and especially the behind the scenes stories but why must we hate our own? The man has put in alot more time than any of us into surfing and the industry and that alone deserves respect. Sherm isnt like other behind the scenes photogs who throw up this too cool vibe and you can tell there just partiers who generally treat surfing like a fashion show. At the end of the day sherm has gotten the respect of all the legends. By the way I saw him on the beach hustling into the water with exspensive equipment just to get the shot of kelly coming in after winning at kirra thid year. He was stoked and smiling, a real surf fan.

  • Mik

    i’m a Sherm fa, for sure. but curious why you like the soft / washed out look, compared to deep rich blacks and midtones? not criticizing, just wondering.