Sherm Moments: Bobby Martinez

posted by / Video / April 18, 2013

Burleigh Heads, 1999

“He’s so elusive, that’s why I love getting photos of him because no one gets photos of him — portraits especially.” –Sherm

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  • the dude

    Whatever sherm is just some talentless fame-whore who wouldn’t know ambiance if it sucked his d@ck. I am really just trying to help the guy despite how I have peppered previous emails with grade-school insults like “sher-wank” So I use the guise of criticism to mask my own insecurities and its painfully obvious. I. AM. AWESOME. NOT AT ALL A TROLL.

  • Joko

    Here, all you Sherm hating photo experts can give my portfolio some constructive criticism.

  • Sliding Sense

    You’re from Montana. LOL. Don’t worry, we’ll never take you seriously when it comes to anything to do with, let’s say, the ocean…or even surfing for that matter.

    Now, hunting moose. That is something I know nothing about. Absolutely nothing.

  • Joko

    Well, you know how it is. I grew up in Oceanside, CA. Spent some time on Maui, joined the Marines and now married to someone in the Air Force. So I make my way around.

  • Moke808

    Sherman’s work is nothing but average, plain and simple. Dustin Humphrey was a way better portrait photographer than Sherman. Too bad his ego was just as bad if not worse than Sherman’s.

    Joko, stick to shooting geese, moose, or trout. Surfing and skating may not be your thing. A below average portfolio. (Hey you asked for criticism). Skate shots are super flat. What no strobes? Surfing stuff is simple. Any monkey with a 300mm F/4 can get those shots.

    Too bad the most creative surf photographer ever blew his brains out. R.I.P. Bolster!!!

  • Joko

    No, don’t really use strobes when out shooting skate or snowboard stuff, maybe just the occasional fill flash. I’ve worked for newspapers the last six years, so strobes aren’t really tools I’m used to shooting with on a daily basis. Guess I’ll start playing around with them more. Thanks for the critique.

  • Joko

    Looking at Bolster’s stuff, it looks like he shot a lot of natural light…
    Dustin Humphrey does some rad shit, but I wouldn’t call that journalism. Not really comparable to what Sherm does? Huge difference in setting up a shot, having creative control, and just snapping a shot in the moment of life.

  • Joko

    @Moke, Sliding

    I took your advice, headed down to the skatepark this afternoon and shot this…

  • plump blumpkin

    your photos are boring joko

  • Sherm

    Loving the input Joko,and Sliding..your interaction is the the most inspiring thing i’ve seen on this blog in a while. Like my mentor J Grant Britain, i enjoy teaching ,and sharing with other photogs.( just ask anyone at the Brooks school of photography where me and Grant both gives lectures to the action sports class)I might not agree with every thing said here, but i do listen,and put it all in perspective..I do think that most artist have good amount of ego, but if you ask any one who actually knows me,or has worked with me,ego is not the first thing that comes to mind when they think of me. I am very confident with my work though..I do find it quite funny when bloggers drop names of people( Warren Bolster,Falme,Art Brewer,Aarron Chang), like they have even known them, or even worked with them..Not only did Warren shoot many photos of me skateing for SKATEBOARDER when i was a kid,i photo edited his images when I worked for TRANSWORLD, and SURFING.Your right Sliding,his images were some of the best EVER taken. One last thing people,no one is forcing you to click on my shit.. Check ya self, before you wreck ya self angry bloggers++++….”talentless” Sherm

  • Joko

    Well, I should have known better to put myself out there on a forum full of haters. You guys kind of suck at your “constructive criticism.” You’re just bashing my stuff and not offering tips for improvement. That’s not critique, that’s just being a dick. The people I take photos of aren’t pros, so sorry for the lack of triple corks and shit in my shots. The people I shoot though, are stoked as hell about the shots I take. That’s good enough for me.

  • Joko

    And by the way Sherm, I love the “Sherm Moments” so keep ’em coming. Maybe for aspiring photogs like me, you could throw in some camera talk. I’d like to know what you shot with, how you approached the shot, ect…

  • dan

    Bobby looks so happy back then! Rad shot.

  • Kaipo Gomes

    Is “the dude” undergoing some kind of personality counseling? To say he is confused and out there is just the starting point. Hey Dude get back to your medication it might help with fitting in with everyday society. Sherman, please look up the word narcissist. Why I keep weighing in here is because some of these photos do not deserve to be showcased here. It looks like “ING” went to your house and shot the whole series of these in one day. Is that the case? You are wearing the same thing in all of these videos. Somehow in your reply you turned constructive criticism around to showcase you. Again. What does Bolster shooting you or you editing his photos have to do with your Ego or your photos? If you are going to talk about your Editing days tell the stories of how you were fired from those positions and why. That might shed some light on how bad you were as a photo editor. Fact. No one has to know Chang, Brewer, Bolster or Flame to have seen how good their photos were. Their photos are not posted here and that is a shame because that way most of the bloggers could easily see the iconic photos within their portfolios. Defending some of the photos you have showcased here is pathetic. You quickly go to the “angry” or “haters” card which is avoiding the facts without describing why you feel your photos are sooooooooo legendary. Several of them are not. Plain and simple fact. Your shot of Andy and Kelly at the Red Bull house would be a good start. You have to understand that YOU, are one of how many photogs getting this kind of run up the flag pole. That is why you are being critiqued. You are presenting ONE PHOTO and trying to convince us that it is GREAT when it is NOT. We are not idiots. When others photogs are presented here they have several photos from a trip or portfolio and show a wide range of skills. You have ONE PHOTO with a video dedicated to YOU trying to convince us
    that the photo is waaaaaaaaaaaay better than what we are seeing. Does it matter who’s dog was in the photo with Taj? Hell no. But you surely want to name drop any person that you can to help your narcissistic ways. It just comes off weird like you have to convince us that you know Slater and others so what? That does not make your photos any better. Here’s is a challenge for your next relpy to this. Try to not write “I” or “me” and refrain from your simpleton angry blogges or haters reply as you sound like a 3rd grader. Good luck with this and post the Andy/Kelly shot or the Cemetary/Wave shot and I will offer my compliments. I write this because I care about it and so would FLAME!!!!!

  • yeah guy

    Can someone please edit Sherm’s comments? Some of those sentences are barely legible… hell… have jimmicane do it.

  • Montana

    Still shooting you fucktards. Which is probably more than what you’re doing.

  • the ” menz ”

    you are a fuck! no clout, no respect for the men that paved the way – so a dickhead like you can say the stupid, no brain, thoughtless mouthfoam crap that you spew! you have no game, no balls and no talent!!! we will meet again one day……you just won’t see it coming. think about that next time you open your mouth – unless your boy toy’s cock is down your over-used windpipe. ALOHA CUNT!!!!