Sherm Moments: Joel Parkinson

posted by / Video / March 22, 2013

A decade before his world title, Sherm plays dress up with Parko in his Coolangata home

The Champ cleans up well

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10 Responses to “Sherm Moments: Joel Parkinson”

  1. Joko says:

    What the fuck, Sherm? You sexy beast. I thought all photogs were scrony little nerds like me… I need to get my ass to the gym.

  2. Sliding Sense says:

    Sad shit.

  3. AmberLovesSurfing says:

    I LOVE SURFING MAGAZINE! They should do an article of this kid named Stephan. He’s a surfer/rapper and hes incredible at both! Its new and innovative…It s about time we have another surfer musical representative apart from jack johnson. Check him out..its worth it! !!!!

  4. Kaipo Gomes says:

    Further proof that Sherwank is just a paparazzi, lurking groupie photog. All this for just one old photo? Really……?! Sherwank comes off as the kid that snuck into the party he wasn’t invited to and rattles off lines written by someone else. “Parko’s style is so effortless I think the Judges underscore him all the time”. As if he is the barometer for anything related to Judging the World’s best surfers. Still amazed that he gets gigs to just shoot the trivial bulllshit in the VIP area. Remember that surfing is done in the water and on waves. The history of surfing is remembered with photos of surfers on waves. Thank the world for shooters like Tom Carey and Glaser that shoot surfers on waves as their stock in trade. TMZ called and they want Sherwank to cover the Kardashians. Right up his alley.

  5. Sherm says:

    Yeah Sliding and Killer Gomes!!! Keep it coming….love your “work?”

  6. Mik says:

    @kaipo: fortunately, artists dont really give a damn what close-minded arrogant tools have to say. and unquestionably, SURFING mag is on the art side of the life. Sherm’s take on Joel is spot on.

  7. Kaipo Gomes says:

    Hardly closed minded “Mik” can you spell constructive criticism? When you are put up here as a feature you are open for debate and props. Do you get that? How the hell do you call that “art”? It is not art. All that for just one old photo of Parko? Why? For what? So you can gargle on Sherwank and the average talent that he is. Tell us all, Mik, what is so artistic about the photo of Joel? The fact of the mattter is that you know very little about Art and know even less about the world of shooting surf. At least I can articulate what my point is. Keep in mind that you watched a short video about ONE old photo of Parko sitting on the floor. Hardly art. But for you true art… how much would you pay for such an epic photo?

  8. Mik says:

    OK. your right. I agree that photo was weak, by any standard. Interesting in its youth, but no real impact. I need to shut up sometimes… it’s too easy to get cranked up by a comment and fire back. i think i took your own rant (?) as a diss on Sherm’s work as a whole, which is where i disagree. I like photojournalism of surfers lifestyle, as complementary to surfing images……. and Sherm has produced some nuggs. Hey if Kelly and Andy gave him access, thats a sure sign of respect? but again, i was off base.

  9. Joko says:

    I’ve defended Sherm’s work before, and I’ll say it again. Whether it be Sherm or any other photographer, I think the portraits/behind the scenes is a big deal. Kaipo is right that surfing goes down on the waves, but the lifestyle goes beyond that. There needs to be someone and something to show that lifestyle. A magazine showing nothing but wave riding shots would be pretty boring. Anyone in design knows this. You need different shots to break things up, also, nothing but wave and action shots doesn’t do much for story telling. Yes, you need those shots too and they are important, but if you’re documenting a surf trip or a contest, you would need the other shots to tie it all together to give the viewer/reader a better understanding of the whole scene. I’m not trying to blow sunshine up Sherm’s ass, but you have to understand that there are different types of photographers out there. Some are better at shooting the action, but suck ass when it comes to behind the scene stuff. Sure, there are some who shoot both, I’ve always liked Morgan Maassen’s work. My point is though, maybe this shot of Parko on its own doesn’t make sense, but if you ever wanted to go back and look at him on a more personal level, try to get a sense of what he’s like not on the wave, then maybe it does make sense.

  10. Sliding Sense says:

    I don’t think Chang, Hornbaker, King, and the rest of the legendary Surfing photographers would ever troll this board, responding to our dribble. You Sherman, do. Sad.

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