Sherm Moments: Kelly Slater

posted by / Video / March 29, 2013

Bells Beach, 1996

The Champ may have lost to Davo, but he ends up with Sherm’s accommodations


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  • Joko

    Oh Jesus… Can’t wait to see what the Sherm haters say about this one.

  • michael

    “Mate you gotta respect the champ!”. Cool story Sherm.

  • bo ring

    sherm hasn’t washed those sheets since

  • bufu

    Why does everyone clown on Sherm? Nice story.

  • Kaipo Gomes

    For all you lovers of all things Sherm you don’t think this is a little creepy? This is ONE photo of Kelly in a bed. That’s it. Not a huge turn or tube or air but just Kelly in a bed. For Sherm to get sooooo excited about this photo is pathetic. Again History of Surfing in made in the water. Actually surfing. Cordoso beat Kelly and that is history that happened in the water. That didn’t happen in the VIP area or worse in Shermwank’s bed. Flat out creepy!

  • David Nelson

    Instagram has basically replaced the surf photo journalist, but I love his stories that go along with these older photos.

  • Sliding Sense

    I don’t know many successful, professional photographers that crowd their walls with their own work….LOL…Sherman should hang art on his walls.

  • Sherm

    Hey Killer Gomes,What Island do u live on ? Might be close by….

  • Joko

    Gomes is just pissed because Kelly wasn’t in his bed.

  • DoucheBag

    This guy Sherm is so high on himself and what is Surfing thinking that this is cool???? Ok kids can you spell LAME? Does Sherm shoot action?

  • Kaipo Gomes

    Thank you, DoucheBag, someone that sees Sherwank for what he is. The VIP area, roaming, lurking, creeping paparazzi photog that he is. His photos are not anywhere near the talent of Brewer, Hornbaker but more simple point and shoot simpleton stuff. Almost anyone can get the shots he does. What they can’t get is the VIP pass to enter that area. Is Sherwank a bodyboarder? He must be as that would figure. Most of the printed photogs these days are spongers. Go the tummy twirl Sherwank.

  • Barry M


    Thanks for taking the time to share this moment from back in time.


    You’re vile ramblings through your cloak of anonymity is tired. It’s old. Clearly motivated by jealousy with too much time on your hands.

    The only thing left to say is, suck it.

  • Kaipo Gomes

    “Mediocre”—of moderate or low quality, moderate ability or value. Struck a nerve in the widely known, Barry M. Ask yourself Mr M is Sherman as good as Brewer, Hornbaker, Chang, Carey, Glaser etc. and you will find an obvious answer. Pretty simple to overcome your petty objections to the truth. By the way it took less than 30 seconds to write this Mr M. Sorry you had to revert back to your High School education with “suck it”. An education beyond that requires some intelligence.

  • duh

    dear mr gomes
    please stop being so rude. the world is bigger than you and your thoughts. if you don’t like the photos don’t comment on it. what’s the point of education if your are rude? didn’t your mother teach you any manners? if you don’t have anything nice to say than don’t say anything at all! what you call beauty if not what i call beauty. also surfers are human beings who have pastimes outside of surfing and seeing the person behind the surfing is cool.

  • Mezzzzzz ….

    Cool shot and fun, entertaining story Sherm.
    The “you gotta respect the Champ” remark by former Tracks editor, Niel Ridgway, is priceless and of itself worthy of telling the story behind the photo.
    Photojournalism doesn’t always just cover the horrors of wars, natural disasters or compelling social issues, sometiems it’s just captures an innocuous slice in time that is simply something fun, silly and or entertaining.
    Steve’s earned his way into the “VIP area” with hardwork, dedication, longevity and has earned the respect of that peer group which allows him the ultimate access.
    Not everything a photographer / photojournalist shoots needs to be a Pulitzer winner to validate his work or the subject matter he chooses to persue.
    And Sherm, a wise man once told me “never give an idiot and audience”.
    They will go away eventually, your work will not.

  • yhtkln

    slater wants sherms hair now!

  • cardiff by the sea

    Kaipo Gomes: please step away from your keyboard, you’re embarrassing yourself.
    Steve: Nice work, thanks for sharing.