Sherm Moments: Taj Burrow

posted by / Video / April 11, 2013

Taj takes on a new character

Dressed head to toe — including leather pants

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  • the dude

    Insert comment to express a thinly-veiled sentiment of jealousy, hostility and insecurity.

  • Kaipo Gomes

    Hey “Dude” do you know Mr. Lebowski? Do you adore bowling? Do you know Jesus in your bowling league? You know, the guy in the pink jumpsuit. Carry on, Dude.

  • the dude

    I felt that comment was clearly articulated better than what Lebowski was capable of.

    But you seemed to take it personally for some reason 😉

  • scumbag steve

    go try an blow slater some more sherm. Fedoras are gay.

  • Sliding Sense

    I have to say that Sherman is obsessive on how he looks and dresses.

    At the same time, I do not, for the life of me, know any professional photographer that would self promote himself the way that Sherman does. Is it necessary for Sherman to have a massive “Sherman” print on his wall, while at the same time, wear a shirt with a portrait that he took himself while filming a story about a photo that he took of Taj Burrow? Who is more important in this film? The photo of Taj, or Sherman talking about the photo he took of Taj?

    I have always tried quite hard to be impressed by the work of Sherman. For me, the biggest turn off has been Sherman’s self narcissism and shameless self promotion, and a subject matter that lacks breadth, and is hard to really take seriously.

  • IsoscelesTriangle

    self-narcissism = redundant.
    like all the hater-bashers on here ….

  • Joko


    A photographer that doesn’t promote himself is an unemployed one. You must not know a single professional photographer. Every person I have ever went to school with, worked with, and shoot with has either their own website, blog, and of course portfolio, all of which are used to promote their work. And obviously it worked out for Sherm, because we all know who he is.

    I shoot my own stuff all the time. Working as a photographer is just a way to keep doing what I enjoy doing, but it started with taking pictures for myself. It is a way of looking back on my own life. I have many prints of my own hanging on my walls and many photo albums loaded onto bookshelves. It’s more personal to me to have one of my own prints hanging on my wall than something shot by someone else. I’m sure Sherm feels the same way.

  • Kaipo Gomes

    Well I thought I’d sit this one out and see what people thought. Not exactly a Sherm love fest. I have to say Sliding Sense sure nailed this one. How do you answer that Sherm? Funny, I noticed the same things. The large print of his own photo behind him, his own photo T-shirt, talking about his own photo on the screen and how great it is. Really? Why even show it to the public? Why not print it up HUGE and adore it all to yourself? To refer to the photo being Mark Seliger inspired is an insult to Seliger. His work was executed much more professionally and technically. Have to say it might be time to retire the Sherm moments as it is starting to tarnish his image. Seeing and hearing too much of an artist that should stay behind the scene can ruin the persona. Much like the Wizard of Oz and how video ruined the rock star. Sherm, not every image can be great. These last two are nowhere near great. Bring it on bashers and tell us how this is wrong and how we should leave Sherm alone to his myopic greatness. Being mediocre will get you nowhere. Improve or go away.

  • Binnsie

    I’m a fan of Taj, the photo is rad, and I enjoyed the story behind it.

    The clip occupied 90 seconds of my day, far less time that it took to write this comment. Most of you folk are regulars to the ING site, you know exactly what you’re in for when you click on a “Sherm Moments” link, yet you do it, then you write it off. Why bother?

  • Kaipo Gomes

    Binnsie are you not describing yourself? How do you know who is a regular? Great job on adding nothing to the conversation.

  • Moke808

    Kaipo and Sliding are better than you. Na-na Na-na Boo-boo, Sherms photos are Doo-doo.

  • the dude

    Trolls be trollin

  • manbearpig

    i consider my self a regular at ING but not a regular commenter… the only thing I notice about these Sherm photos is Kaipo Gomes constantly bashing the on almost every photo. Did Sherm root your wife? whats the deal its just a picture. Yeah sherm seems to have an ego, everybody with 2 eyes can see that, you don’t have tell us every time. sheesh