SHVDE is a Work of Art

posted by / Video / December 13, 2012

Derek Dunfee is many things. He is a professional surfer, a big wave rider, well-spoken, handsome, stylish. I am only three of these things and jealous. Derek Dunfee, though, has added “auteur” to his list. His short film, SHVDE, is a high-concept art/surf film that involves strippers, old Cadillacs, murdering strippers, barrels. Tattoos.

I tell you, even through teeth gritted in envy, to pour yourself a whisky, neat, sit down, turn off the lights, and watch it in its entirety. This film deserves your time. It is art. It is surf. And I will have to win a Pulitzer Prize to outshine Derek Dunfee now. Game on. –Chas Smith


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  • hsdakhf

    That sucked

  • Bee

    Love it!!!! Great work guys!!!

  • Ben


  • Hank

    This reminds me of everything I hate, except surfing and vintage cars. You are great at surfing, and that’s about where it ends for me.

  • alby t ross

    tre you got some barrells with the hood but why did you kill the girl? I don’y get it???

  • Teef

    This is horrible. Good waves and semi decent art direction can’t make up for terrible story, high-school drama class theatrics, and en vogue alt cliches galore. Tons of respect for Derek in the water and out, but lets not go nuts with the overclaims on this one.

  • Rocky Romano

    That was insanely good. Great work Derek!

  • cole

    this is crucial. good for you for branching out from normal surf cinema and taking a stab at an actual short film. great imagery. its not advertised as a normal surf webisode, so don’t comment on it as if it was..

  • Dave

    Excellent! Great barrels, lovely tones, gritty, disturbing and dark.

    Make more!

  • Yonks

    Great job on this one fellas! Good to see something new come to light!!

  • BWide

    Great cinematography. Should have thought the story out a little better…every indie clip has to be violent and dark, okay, main note: Should have made out with the chick with a mouthful of quesadillas. Second note: A few more surf clips would have been appreciated, dont stray too far from your target audience.

  • Bro


  • Ry

    Ok ok ok….. STOP….. you make San Diego look like trash. Also your from la jolla you need to grow up “gangster” is not wind and sea.

  • Scared to Use My Real Name

    ok, why not.

  • the dude

    “Also your from la jolla you need to grow up “gangster” is not wind and sea.”

    This is incoherent dribble dude. You should probably try again if you want to form a intelligible barb. Oh and if you do you should go with “you’re” and correctly write “windansea” ya know or people might think “you’re” San Diego trash or something

  • Mike Anderson

    That’s always what I do when a guy with a ski mask on steps in of my car STOP…

  • Joe

    Lame. Unless you are a d-bag.

  • Wow

    I’ve had a crush on that girl for years…

  • rocky romano

    i’m gay