Sion Milosky paddles into the biggest wave EVER…

posted by / Video / January 27, 2010


Daniel Russo creates a behind the scenes short documentary on Sion Milosky and his pursuit to catch the largest wave ever.

Nathan Fletcher: “That was the biggest thing I seen anyone paddle into, ever”

Shane Dorian: “Hands down the biggest wave I’ve seen anyone paddle into.”

Jamie O’Brien: “I looked down that wave and I have never seen a bigger wave before.”

Daniel Russo: “I’ve seen Garrett paddle into some big waves at Outer Logs, but this is by far the biggest one anyone has paddled into this winter so far…maybe ever.”

Gordan Merchant: “I was watching this day at my house and I would call this at least 30 foot Hawaiian. I would never have thought Sion was on that wave until I saw the e-mail with the images. The biggest wave I have ever seen anyone paddle into to.”

Bold Claims from big names. As you can see from his peers words, Sion Miloski — Hawaii’s latest addition to the big-wave paddle brethren — is legit. Here he describes what led him to big waves and this wave in particular, what many of the games best are calling the biggest paddle in to date.

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  • Shaun Roberts

    Thats absolutely insane!!!!! The bar has been raised, history in the making….

  • Stan

    Whoa, okay already. I starting to unappreciate this video after 5-minutes of all talking. I hope there was no video of the wave at the end, cause I couldn’t wait that long to watch it.

  • sebastian mendes

    Why does a guy like Sion have to have a day job, he wants it more than 99 percent of the guys on tour and wants it more than any surfer that get paid. Hey Okley pay this guy some real money before someone eles does.

  • muschi

    typical american oral diarrhea: “it´s like, you know, super… like gnarly, and I was like, you know, like extreme or whatever, to the max, and I´d be like, you know, like sick or something..killer!

  • Joesph

    Wow I was just watching the Pipeline pro and I seen Sion’s heat. He is really a great surfer. Can you do more stuff like this one of Sion ? Im attending summer school this year but I would love to intern for Surfing Magazine, Im a jack of all trades.

  • O Boy

    ok a lof of talking with no coverage of wave?

  • andrew

    I think the dialog was cool-its perspective and honest human stuff. The wave was mental and all the heavies agreed-haters keep surfing your blown out 2 ft beachies

  • Jessie

    whoa great video.. this guy is awesome, saw him today at the volcom pro surfing. he is impressive!

  • lou

    he was kinda shoulder hoppin brah.. could’ve gone deeper! 😉

  • sebastian mendes

    Lou ….no way Brah…Did you see his 1st Backdoor wave….Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

  • jose

    what happened at the end. Is there a full video somewhere?
    So there’s bumps, and a drop, and then, Freeze-Frame on wall, bump?, no surfer on wave, what>>….
    It was interesting to hear his perspective and the story about the board was great.
    But wha-happen? Frankly I was dissapointed in the final video, maybe showing Sion wipeout after all that would have been more real than leaving it a mystery. Artistic but very anti-climactic.
    Beautiful wave. Great story but the end missed it.
    Wipeouts happen even on great waves to great people, don’t be afraid to be humbled by the ocean. It does what it will, regardless of our pride.

  • sea why

    Don’t Hate ! Sion kills it, Waiamea, Pipe. Whateva This Dad is Rad! ,Humble to , hOpefully Oakley,will drop coin so Si, can get the mackers.

  • Teddy

    Great interview!! Sion really showed his stoke, desire, passion for surfing. In or out of the limelight he’ll be in the line-up for a while.

  • dbarca

    STAN, MUSCH,CLOWNS!!!! Iwho ever is hating on anything that has to do with this has to be a complete TOOL!
    this is a true water man and a true man, this guy works hard,takes care of his family, and surfs for pure love !
    you guys talkin shit stick your heads up your ass and see if it fits! SMELL YOUR BREATH, IT SMELLS LIKE SHIT!

  • Shaun Hurley

    Does Mr. Milosky have all of his “marbles” intact?

    Has anyone checked his Testosterone levels lately?

    When they print this as a poster it’s definitely going on my wall.

    …big Huevos here my friend, Big Huevos!

  • Maile

    Just saw on FB & Twitter that he passed away this afternoon – sad day for the surfing community. R.I.P. Sion Milosky

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  • mtkpat

    RIP. You will always be charging no matter where you new life takes you.

  • Vasco


  • kevin

    RIP – A Legend

  • kent

    Much love goes out to you..and your family….big waves big balls big consequencies… life to the fullest….RIP …..from a east coaster who geta happy when it’s 4ft. Non hawaiian…

  • lakeisha harris

    this is sad to see him die .. A legend .. My heart goes out to his family .. God bless .. R>I>P a legend

  • chad

    RIP Sion. Condolences to his family and friends….

  • OldKoloa

    RIP Sion. So sad.

  • Dimitri

    RIP Sion.

  • phatkat

    He just caught the ultimate ride home… R.I.P

  • Bishop

    First thing I noticed in this video interview, he doesn’t curse, not even once. A lot of respect for guys like him. Wish more pros were like him. RIP

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  • JP

    This guy was doing exactly what he wanted with his life. How many of us can say that? I feel for his family and friends…but he went out the best man a man can — doing what he was passionate about, and at the peak of his abilities too.

  • Ross

    What a shame, I feel so much for your wife and two beautiful kiddos. So very sad.

  • Cardiff Crip

    Most seem to be praising Sion for charging big waves. I think it’s too bad his priorities were screwed up and instead of enjoying his family and friends for years to come, he gets a couple of days of ‘honer’ and then he’s gone, gone, and gone never to enjoy another day of life’s other pleasures, children, etc. There’s much more to life than a big wave feeling that lasts a minute or so.

  • peggy l

    Mavericks at Half Moon Bay takes another fantastic surfer.
    RIP Sion. My sympathy to your loved ones.
    Maybe other adrenaline junkies will take heed and see it is serious business especially when leaving a family behind.

  • Scotty

    Cardiff Crip, I think you’re missing it bro. What’s the point of life if you live it in fear of losing it? This is a guy that went for everything life had to offer. Crazy amounts of respect for someone who could live their life that way. I can only hope to be half the man he was.

  • michael packard

    Sion was a good man, he cared about his family and he loved life.I will miss him. R.I.P.

  • Kees

    To folks like Muschi who love to judge the deceased because they talk different or made their living with their bodies rather than their minds, let’s focus the spotlight on you: have you ever paddled out at Maverick’s? Why are you reading a surfing article when you probably have zero appreciation for the type of skill, training and dedication that it takes to accomplish such a feat. No one is writing any articles about you – and no one is seeking you out on Google to get a taste of who you are. Go back to the darkness. And shut up.

  • Barbara McLaren

    Just watched his video interview. It is really wonderful that someone has such a passion for something… most people don’t have that for anything.

    But, it makes it extra sad now… hearing how he cared for his family so much…to know that his passion took him away wayyyyy too young. But, he died doing what he truly loved.

    Rest in peace, beautiful man.

  • Donnie

    Thanks Kees , you said what I was thinking.. Sion was a true waterman .. A soul surfer…Groms like Muschi could learn a few things from a man like Sion….Prayers to his family and friends


    one in a billion dude….luv ya man

  • Ralph Conner

    Rest in Peace, Sion

  • Stephanie in Racine

    I am heartbroken. He was beautiful to watch. Prayers to his family and friends…..RIP!

  • craig kelly co-pilot

    much like my hero craig kelly of the snowboard world, the ocean was sion’s first love.. i just pray for his kids that they can understand what it is like to be someone like sion, a very sad sad day for the world, the ocean, and surfers of all types. the writing in the sand really brought me to tears. r i p brother.

  • Eddie Memphis

    You’ll live forever Sion,in the hearts of every surfer,or every person who has a dream hidden in their heart.R.I.P.

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  • Bill Tover

    I was just becoming aware of SION seeing him leave CURRENESQUE tracks on Pipeline and Rockpile waves in videos and magazines. I thought that all of the surf heroes that inspire and motivate you to just get out there no matter how BIG or small and paddle and surf and swim..whatever it takes to feel the beauty and rush of the sea, just do it!! This will be my memory of Sion!!! Guys like Healy,Dorian and a host of veterans and groms who can TASTE the STOKE of SURFING will carry on where Sion left off. They will make him PROUD! If I had a family like Sion, I don’t know if I would have pushed the envelope like he did, but what if he died in a car wreck or earthquake? At least his family knows that he died doing what he CHERISHED!

  • Pepe

    I love sports and I do it with passion, and I can understand living life to the fullest, and this fellow, SION, was admirable and died doing what he loved: BEST WAY TO LIFE LIFE. So many could learn from him. RIP good fellow, best wishes and feelings to the loved ones you left behind. SAD TO HEAR YOUR NEWS.

  • Pepe


  • Judy Beaudoin

    To live and die for his passion is ultimate! To drive faster, kayak 4 or 5’s, race in Baha – mere mortals can’t fathom the
    rush. This check out beats the %$#@’n hell out of living a sane life and dying in a cancer ward. GOOD ON YA SION!

  • Mark


    Sorry you will miss your kids growing up, brother, and sorry your kids may know the myth more than the man when they grow up. Heavy surf dishes heavy consequences, but you were prepared. Things just went wrong out there. The greatest thing that your kids will know about you is that you loved them immensely. Prayers for you and your family. -Proverbs 3:5-6