Skip McCullough // 2013 // 2:34

posted by / Video / February 13, 2014

Last night, Parker Coffin posted this link on Facebook and wrote, “this is probably californias most underrated junior… somebody do something about it.” Well here’s something about it. Life’s a real hoot for La Jolla’s Skip McCullough. He can loft a good air and swing a proper carve, but barrels appear to be his strongpoint — how about that Backdoor wave at 1:45? You know that’s not normal, right? Skip may be underrated, but we give the old chap an A+.

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  • Collin

    Wow! This kid rips. I’m surprised he’s not in the media more often. Hope to see more from him in the future.

  • colin

    skip is the mann!!!!!!



  • monster

    Yeah Skip! Kills it!

  • VATO

    Yea Dog!!

  • yo

    this is so heavyyyy… good job skipper

  • boaz


  • boaz