Something For Your Eye, Part 3 // 4:15

posted by / Video / August 23, 2011

Something For Your Eye

The Electric crew returns with their final installment of Something For Your Eye, featuring Craig Anderson, Jay Davies and Ry Craike as they venture through the Mentawais. It’s progressive surfing at its finest.

In Electric’s voice:

Part III of III. An apocalyptic journey through the dark depths of Indonesia’s wild coast. Blackened barrels, monsoonal storms, sea snakes and serpents. Perch, burn, open your lungs, minds and eyes to the lines of Craig Anderson, Jay Davies, and Ry Craike as they drag themselves through some of the Sumatra’s deepest, darkest tunnels.

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  • Mik

    Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. (envy). (brilliant surfing—especially Craike’s power gouges). again: FUCK!!! there are no waves here like those waves there. that is becoming a big fucking problem…..

  • Mik

    I just got blasted by a friend for the above swearing in a public blog. My apologies to all. I stand corrected. Still…. :-)

  • visit

    it looks like it was filmed from behind a pair of sunglasses