Stephen Koehne // Surfing/Fishing Promo // 3:10

posted by / Video / April 26, 2013

“To me the ocean is my playground and office. It’s where my passion for surfing and fishing come to life.” –Stephen Koehne

Well played, sir.


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  • BBongforsale Slatercouldafford

    Stephen is the smallest thing in his video. Biggest things in his video list goes: waves, boat, truck, fish, other guys, him. That’s the best possible order. Well done Steph!

  • jeff

    I love to kill animals anywhere too, it’s like poetry, I like to visit places and show my views, not only act as a corporation funded wannabe in my office the ocean and stuff you know.

  • Sliding Sense

    A true kama’aina. It’s about time you put a video up of one of the bruddahs.

  • mike

    never seen so much excitement killing an innocent fish that does not stand a chance of living. way to go bro.

  • stephen koehne

    @mike….if youʻve EVER ate tuna fish or any kind of animal…youʻre just as guilty as I am brrooooooo. here in hawaii, we live off the land and sea to survive. sorry it was too much for your sensitiveness.

  • Ricky

    Although it’s not surprising to see Stephen and friends reacting in that fashion to landing a big fish, it’s chillingly similar to his part in 2003’s “Out of Order.” Surrounded by a cheering crowd of people (no doubt a bunch of 100% pure blooded Hawaiians), we see Stephen mounted on top of a defenseless man giving him “lickings.” To anybody respectful human being, this display is absolutely disgusting.

    Stephen–if that really is you responding–to survive in Hawaii, you may live a little off the land and the sea, but mostly off of the Matson/Young bros. container ships pulling in to Honolulu every day. If those ships stopped coming, the citizens of Hawaii have enough food supplies for three weeks. That fancy boat your taking offshore fishing, it isn’t powered by geothermal energy from the Big Island, it runs on fuel from oceans away. You are the classic example of the white trash culture that has been transposed to Hawaii–i.e big trucks, big boats, ultimate fighting, and hostility towards outside cultures.
    If you’ve made it this far without angrily commenting on how I’m to receive choke lickings if I ever come to your islands, at least consider my final point. The lifestyle in Hawaii has become the epitome of non-sustainability. Instead of continuing to grasp weakly at your heritage/culture, why don’t you do something about it?

  • aphh

    ^^seriously man? Shut the fuck up that video deserves some respect. Go rant somewhere else kook

  • stephen koehne

    @ricky hahaha glad you liked my part in “Out of Order”, because I didnʻt…i almost forgot about that, classic you brought it up. But, you should know Mr. Judgeabookbyitscover, that that fight was in self defense, guy came at me I defended myself the best way I know how. I will definitely agree with you though about surviving off Matson bros along with everyone else. Do you live in Hawaii? Do you live a sustainable life eating organically or growing your own food and free of GMO, because I do! And fishing with my boat is absolutely not the only way I know how to live off the sea and land, which most people really donʻt know how to when it comes down to survival. I have two brothers who are also excellent hunters and gatherers and believe me, if it came down to it, we together would survive based on survival skills that simply are in our blood. My point being that that is MY culture. Hawaii is filled with all sorts of people and cultures, most of which donʻt make sense to me, but itʻs not place to tell people what to do or what to be, I just try to be myself. That is what I hoped to accomplish with this piece and with more to come. Donʻt worry, Iʻm not a fighter so even if I did know who you are and felt like you needed “lickens”, I wouldnʻt waste my energy on someone who is probably a hypocrite and judges people to pass the time. But, my brother likes to fight! :))
    Peace brrroooooooo…again glad you liked my part in Out of Order

  • carlos

    @stephen kohene: I don´t know how you even bother answering those comments… i don´t know ricky or mike but i´m sure they are both the epitome of sutainability, as they write from their coconut made computers powered by geothermal energy from their backyards and eat only mercylly killed tuna from a can which was packed by a non corporation factory which only uses recicled aluminum and runs on solar energy, and distributes their pruduct only on electric vehicules and so on… oh yeah, and they ride deeper on bigger barrels…

  • carlos

    on surfboards made from recycled cardboard…

  • stephen koehne

    @carlos hahaha….exactly my point..youʻre classic. all good, it all comes down to people being jealous of other people for living their dreams, sippin on that hatorade you know what I mean……I SORRY!!

  • jeff

    mike my comment was totally sarcastic, as far as I know surfing is a culture and sport that doesn’t have anything to do with professional or “sport” fishing. Killing animals will never be a sport in any place, whatever fishing equipment brands or travel agencies say.