Sterling Spencer // Alabama // 3:17

posted by / Video / December 2, 2013

Move over, Garrett McNamara. There’s a new sheriff in town. His name is Sterling Spencer and he is the four-time NSSA East Coast Champion of the world. Sterling recently put it all on the line in Alabama while surfing the biggest waves in the world. His feats caught the eye of CNN’s Anderson Cooper, whom interviewed Sterling about his boundless panache. The three minute video reshapes the face of big wave surfing and… Garrett, please turn in your badge and gun.

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  • jim marks

    will u be acting like that when u r a dad

  • Kook

    This is what you have to do to get paid by Billabong or any of your other sponsors?????? Very Disrespectful to GMac also….

  • splooge

    Thats cool that there was waves in Alabama, but 80% of those were just pocket rides. Glider would have been proud of the drop but Fletcher would have been pissed that he wasn’t even covered up.

  • Samuelito

    Very funny I thought.
    Its cool that Mcnamara and some of the guys are pushing Big waves, but I agree that they are taking themselves way too seriously. Whenever folks start taking themselves way too seriously I enjoy seeing them made fun of.
    I mean, come on. You surf for a living. Lighten the heck up Gmac. Its riding a wave, not open heart surgery

  • sean

    yea sterling!! keep doing your thang!

  • Sliding Sense

    Kook water photographers even exist in Alabama. Holy crap.

  • dave

    funny bro, big wave guys are way too serious just like the guys that comment on here. the vids for laughs guys it’s not the next taylor steele film.

  • buranimal

    hahaha yessss… funny shit

  • chesh

    super funny, but damn, you think they would have stalled a little harder for the barrel.

  • Dylan

    Sterling Spencer is so damn funny. Anyone who can’t see the humor need to get over themselves.