Sterling Spencer // Encinitas // 2:43

posted by / Video / June 10, 2011

Yep, that’s Taj’s handwriting alright.

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25 Responses to “Sterling Spencer // Encinitas // 2:43”

  1. merkur says:

    his impression was kinda funny:)

  2. twon says:

    i thought his name was jordy

  3. jose says:

    encinitas hates you now florida kook

  4. Fred Hemmings says:

    You won’t cover the AI thing, but instead you post shit like this? You guys should be ashamed of yourselves.

  5. mark cutback davis says:

    i love chas smith. and jordy spencer

  6. jose says:

    encinitas hates you

  7. fuck head says:

    encinitas loves you and that jordy name change was bullshit

  8. Luiz says:

    if you really want to change your name to jordy you should really start practicing these airs bro!!

  9. jose says:

    fuck head’s a barn

  10. homofish says:

    he’s almost as queer as paul fisher

  11. Derail says:

    joto jose is a barn

  12. deralic says:

    kinda tired of seeing this guy promoted.
    he’s good, but a tool.
    any videos from young brazzos or anything?

  13. sd, cali says:

    u retards all the good waves in there are in san clemente

  14. fuck you jose says:

    jose is a foggot. u no the rules!

  15. jose says:

    derail’s a barn

  16. jose says:


  17. Me, Myself and I says:

    Did he smoke his brains out? He reads like a 10 years old girl on crack.

  18. Derail says:

    Whateves Joto Jose….King of the Barns

  19. gone with the wind says:

    I feel bad how much crap guys talk about him.
    He’s the punch line to a lot of CT guys’ jokes. Tired of defending him.

  20. Derail says:

    How the fvck would you know? God, your full of sheeet….

  21. The Hun says:

    gone with the wind? so your saying that the CT guys’ are tired of defending him? From who? All the spineless tards that post on comments on the internet? LOL! Quit making stuff up. Your such an idiot.

  22. jay says:

    u kno da rules….u kno dem! Sterling is a cool cat.

  23. gool drip says:

    i second that post.

  24. John says:

    Funny, he may live in Enc but all that surfing was someplace else. Guessing by the big rock about half a mile out in one of the shots and by looking at the beach I would say it was up in San Clemente. Just a hunch.

  25. ExGulfster says:

    Give the guy a break. He’s just trying to make a living doing what we all love to do, surf. Alot of guys his age get more media coverage not necessarily because they are better surfers, but because of where they live. The surfing world is a hard place to make a living and a name for yourself if you’re based out of the Florida Gulf Coast. Let’s just say it’s not called the Lake of Mexico for nothing. Sterling is a good promoter of himself. If you were in his shoes and had the same talent would you do any less with the gifts you had been given. He is an example of someone going after their dreams. Although I would like to see him compete more towards the WQS or in air shows, he is a great free surfer. Great style and flow along with technical air ability, and to spice it all up he has a comedian character persona. Surfing has always had its characters. Sterling is just one of them.

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