Sterling Spencer // Florida // 3:14

posted by / Video / October 21, 2011

sterling spencer

Sterls has come out of retirement and returned to his homeland. Consider his career revived.

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17 Responses to “Sterling Spencer // Florida // 3:14”

  1. jsamuels says:

    by returned to his homeland do you mean d st. in encinitas. The jr lifeguards rashguard at the front gives it away.

  2. single fin says:

    i’ve never heard anything thing good about sterling. Only that hes the biggest asshole in the world. you’re not going to last not much longer if you keep acting like your someone special because theirs 15 year old kids that are better than you

  3. rutgers says:

    no human board-slide?

  4. surfsd says:

    not florida. seaside

  5. pol pot says:

    haha fuck i cant wait to see his new movie haha god ya what a terrible thing to let this kid make a movie or have any financial backing

  6. Your Daily Friend says:

    LOL there are some bitter critters posting here…

  7. james b says:


  8. sam says:

    who will win the title of “doesn’t care about surfing the most,” dane or him?

  9. i have a tight wetsuit that I put on my nose says:

    why this guy? is going to land on top of someone?
    show us the guys that are hungry and have goals.
    leave the bench-warming derelicts to find real jobs and contribute to society something other than lame wannabe comedy routines.

  10. ym says:

    yeah, boycotting one of the greatest events of the past couple years and providing us with this trash? well done, surfingmag!!

  11. james b says:

    This guy is absolutely irrelevant…

  12. jimmy crack corn and i do care says:

    no this guy is so funny, … he’s just soo funny….
    its like the magazine thinks we are stupid enough to think this guy and paul fisher are “comedians.”
    just because you lack intelligence, doesn’t mean we all do.
    how sad this magazine has connections to the world’s best, yet they choose to focus on some guy surfing 2 foot slop. i can see this kind of surfing at the pier.

  13. Mic says:

    What Fred Hemmings said,

  14. Sliding Sense says:

    Joke. Joke. Moke. Joke……..

    Open hand slaps. Open hand slaps.

  15. tealergang says:

    Style. Cleanliness. “Everything I’ve heard”

    Funny thing about this world… seems everything you hear has a higher probability of being bullshit than not. Who know’s though, I’ve only heard that.

  16. shorepound says:

    all you haters are hilarious. like sterling gives a shit about what any of you say. lol.

  17. rutgers says:

    having a last name as your first name and a first name as your last name messes you up from birth….
    don’t get why he is so exciting, seems average at best.
    i guess if your sponsor kisses enough a$$ you can sh$t gold.

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