Sterling Spencer’s Surf Madness!

posted by / Video / December 14, 2011

While the digital launch of Sterling Spencer’s Surf Madness! seemed to be smooth sailing, it was quite the contrary. According to Spencer himself, his website, crashed.

“I think Adriano hacked my website.. we had a virus that shut us down for a couple hours,” Spencer reported.

No further evidence has been brought forth. Without further ado, Surf Madness!.

Surf Madness!

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  • Wyatt

    This movie is woefully short on comical kickouts. Please recut. Thx.

  • so sad…

    That feeling when you know you will never rip half as hard as Taj does even in crocs…. :(

  • DANE

    sterling is the new ozzie wrong!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brandon

    What a refreshing vid! Sterling is sick!

  • SteveO

    can’t even bring myself to care.