Storm Troopers

Storm Troopers // Behind The Scenes // 2:59

posted by / Storm Troopers, Video / September 26, 2013

What does a trooper do when there are no storms to troop? Apparently, have the best time ever. While the waves were dull on the East Coast, the actives on land were quite the contrary. In their crusade up and down the coast, the Storm Troopers met up with all sorts of talent and had a grand old time. Take, for example, Cory Lopez at :57 — hand jives like that should be deeply appreciated. Those are the future, today. And how about that brutal ultimatum from the NYPD 2:37 — way to be a dick, nicest cop ever.

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  • mark

    these guys are fools

  • seppo

    The worlds least most interesting surfers in the worlds most boring clip…
    Great content Surfing! Keep up the awesome job! Should have closed Surfing instead of Transworld. At least Cote is slightly funny…

  • alincolnlocal

    Glad they run out of our county . If they act like that on land we don’t need ’em in our water !

  • alincolnlocal

    Whoops . Make that glad they WERE run out of our county !

  • Spaulding

    When’s the Storm Troopers flipbook coming out?
    You guys are killing it …