Storm Troopers

Stormtroopers // Typhoon Lagoon // 3:57

posted by / Storm Troopers, Video / September 11, 2013

With dull conditions in the Atlantic, Dylan Graves, Evan Geiselman, Cory Lopez, Kelly Slater, Darth Hobgood, Matt Kechele and Tommy Coleman head to Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon to stay sharp. Evan sets the pool ablaze with almost every single variation of air we could think of. Still, the rotater at 2:17 was barely enough to leave Kelly Slater batting an eye. Dylan, true to his nature, does an excellent job of making things look really fun. And everyone else sticks their fair share of unsalted punts while waiting for the tropics to come alive. Speaking of which, the Millennium Yolo (Dylan’s van) is currently on its way to North Carolina. There, in that Outer Banks promised land, they should be able to find a wave that trumps the Lagoon.

Video by Dave Malcolm and Mike Lopez

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  • tonycarson (ty) carson big island

    An artificial experience at best. And when you leave, they probably smile at you and say, “hope you had a great time, we enjoyed your company, come again sometime, and oh, just one more thing, don’t forget to bring your ‘wallet'”, cause thats all they are really interested in. No one-should ever have to pay anyone-to ride a wave-artificial or not.

  • brazzo hater

    I thought Stormtroopers were the kooks that ride Wavestorms from Costco…..

  • dick swinggin

    its oddly a nice wave for a quarter billion dollars