Strange Rumblings In Shangri La Trailer

posted by / Video / June 24, 2014

It’s here. Well, almost. If you’ve been following SURFING Magazine for the past year or so, you must’ve already picked up on Strange Rumblings In Shangri La. We’ve teamed up with Joe G. and the Globe team and brought you stories from the world’s most unusual corners. Places like Iceland. Mozambique. Pretty, posh France and deep, weird Indonesia. What a long strange rumble it has been. And now, it’s about to come alive. Strange Rumblings In Shangri La is a film featuring Dion Agius, Nate Tyler, Taj Burrow, Yadin Nicol, Damien Hobgood, Creed McTaggart, CJ Hobgood, Alex Smith, Noa Deane, Brendon Gibbens and more. It’ll premiere in the belly of the beast known as the US Open — July 31st in Long Beach — before cascading into international tour of Australia, Brazil, France, Japan, and across the U.S.A. And yes, there is a very good chance that it’ll be your new favorite surf movie.

Stay tuned for more strange rumbles — including an interactive feature on the crew’s Mozambique trip next Tuesday, July 1st.

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  • Galapagos Shangri-La

    If you get tired of that Shangri-La come visit mine!!
    Great waves, amazing wildlife & friendly people!

  • cuckolder

    this looks insane

  • Sean Davey

    Does look pretty cool. I like that emphasis is just on good photography more than anything…

  • YPO

    Beautiful film stock!

  • Bruce Brown Camel Toe

    film looks like shit
    good movies are good, bad movies are bad. this movie is shit

  • Lauren Graham Gilmore Girls

    More Sunsets than Surfing
    the only thing surfers like more than surfing is a nice waterfall. Id rather see Dions bearded bald than him on a wave anyway. Even the broads are dogs, besides the nice brazilian thongy

  • Lauren Graham Gilmore Girls

    I came to see some good surfing. But I was blown away by slow motion waves breaking and interesting shots with weird lighting. A waterfall shot!! One kid did a wheelie!!! And the “N’s” were backwards. Really interesting and cool.Then the droning music just sent me to the moon and back. I want to watch 45 minutes of this. Wahoo!! Cant wait to see it in Long Beach/my favorite surf break

  • Gabby Merdina

    This movie is revolting. Creed McTaggert is kind of old and washed up near the end of his career. That kid is old. Plus he is the Babby Martinez of OZ.

  • Papa Surf Dog 69

    This movie reminded me of the classic surf movie “Morning of the Earth” it also reminded me of the shit I took this morning and my soulless bitch of an ex-wife that took my favorite single fin and my left nut.

  • Baby face

    So hyped for this to come out

  • Daniel Marinelli

    I propose a banning all lifestyle scenes, non surfing slow motion artsy sequences, melancholy music, surfers brooding faces and all other manners of tomfoolery until 2020.

  • Mik

    You kinda nailed it, didn’t you. The old saying > the harder 1 try to be cool, the less cool 1 become.

  • Justin

    Ya’ll sound like a bunch of whiney jealous bitches (funny jealous whiney bitches, so it’s not too terrible. Kudos to the beautiful images, even if it isn’t surf porn or actual porn, which is what it seems like everyone wants these days.

  • Josh

    I just, I really think this could be the worst surf movie ever. Its Just, no surfing. its just bad. And why long beach? It just makes no sense

  • black beauty

    what happened!!?? i fell asleep in the first 5 seconds

  • JimmySlade

    Cool, did Creed bang your girlfriend or something.

  • Gauth

    Who’s the singer?
    Love the track!

  • JT

    Support FILMS being shot on FILM!

  • Roberto Rollemberg Santana

    I wonder if it is already possible to buy the movie at itunes…?