Kolohe Andino & Brett Simpson // Surf And Enjoy // 3:01

posted by / Video / May 21, 2014

Surf and enjoy. That’s Hurley’s motto heading into summer and it’s a motto we can get behind. The Hurley team will be touring the USA with their brand new slogan, holding pressure-free surf contest and showing off their new surf film. This clip is the first trailer for said film. Kolohe Andino, Brett Simpson, Indonesia, wow. Kolohe is surfing like he belongs in every ‘CT final from here to Hossegor. And Brett? After watching this clip, it seems almost unfathomable that Brett’s gotten last place at every WCT stop this year. They surf, we enjoy, and now we’re looking forward to the movie.

Click here for the Surf And Enjoy Tour Dates.

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  • yeah guy

    Of the first 9 waves, 8 of the waves had some air reverse thing. 1 wave had 2. I stopped watching, sorry Brett.

  • sean

    yeah guy you should watch brett’s part his first frontside turn is straight eye candy

  • heater

    maybe its repetitive, but i dont think its boring.

  • frontside air reverse

    front side air reverse. front side air reverse. front side air reverse. frontside air reverse. frontside air reverse. front side air reverse. front side air retarded

  • john

    why don’t you show us your air reverse thing?

  • John John

    Shut up
    Ass hole