SURFING X Ripcurl Gromsearch New Smyrna Video Elections

posted by / Video / September 3, 2009


The fourth stop of the Rip Curl Grom Search Series at New Smyrna, Florida is over and now it’s your turn to tell us who threw it down the best.

Cast your vote, post your opinion, or, depending on if you’re nominated, throw a campaign. Yes you can! Regional event winners get a profile piece on SURFINGMAGAZINE.COM, and the season champion gets a full page “Threat” feature in Surfing Magazine.

The winner will be announced on SEPTEMBER 24th.

Comment below and tell us who should win:

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    I’d have to say EG… As anti-climatic as that is, his one wave showed proper technique and mechanics… no brainer. Evan Geiselman…and that’s THE TRUTH.

  • Matt

    Wow…that last kid only had about 3 seconds of air time. Compare that to the first guy in the video. How about giving us some equal footage to judge them by?!

  • Rowdy

    the revers on last rider is done on the end of the wave like the previest vid in OBX, manuvers at the end of the wave will not score as high as manuvers from the peak . Yo can pump a 100 yards and do a big manuver and step off on the beach it will get you nothing .I think this why the truth has changed his opion from the last vid in obx about the revers .This is a judges criteria by whitch all is judge .Always look to see who is going big at the beggest part of the wave and has plenty of wave left to surf . this video is CH or EG

  • Whats Really Going On

    All I have to say is that every wave in the video was well deserving of some recognition regardless of who takes the popularity contest I give you all props. I took the time to watch the video a few times and each wave is so much different than the next it is really hard to put a scale behind this when picking the best one. I saw Noah’s wave as long and managing to keep it on rail the entire wave was not easy but with the lack in power when compared to Matty Lopez or Corey Howell it would be hard to call that the best wave. Evan had a great wave working over a sizable set, the first hook was the money turn for me, but he did not finish very strong. I would say that Christian Miller and Corey Howell have the most similar waves. I like the directional changes and would put it on one of these guys to get the win. I got bias so that doesn’t help, keep rippin’ boys!