SURFING X Ripcurl Gromsearch OBX Video Elections

posted by / Video / August 14, 2009


The third stop of the Rip Curl Grom Search Series at the Outer Banks, North Carolina is over and now it’s your turn to tell us who threw it down the best.

Cast your vote, post your opinion, or, depending on if you’re nominated, throw a campaign. Yes you can! Regional event winners get a profile piece on SURFINGMAGAZINE.COM, and the season champion gets a full page “Threat” feature in Surfing Magazine.

The winner will be announced on SEPTEMBER 4th.

Comment below and tell us who should win:

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    Weston William is hands down with that grab rail reverse. That was bad too, which made the reverse that much better- he wasn’t helped out. Rupp’s wave looked like a freak lined up one, which I don’t think should automatically be given wave of the event. Weston Williams….and that’s THE TRUTH!

  • Rupp stuff

    Rupp has a good style nice low center of gravity giving him an advantage in these small waves

  • nc call

    I live in New Hanover County and have seen Weston and Nick’s contests in life and in video.
    Nick is a much better surfer right now. KEywords right now. The video clip is very limited.
    I have zero affiliation with either. I surf Wrightsville, Mase, Carolina, etc… Nick kills it.

  • Rowdy

    I was on the beach this day and the judges got right the 1st time. The photographer is missing Nick Herdz ,Stevie and Julian Paynes’ best stuff ,too bad .thats photography for ya

  • Kelly Slater

    Julian Payne hands down wins for sure end of story. This kid is going pro!

  • Linda

    The video is extremely limited and doesn’t show much of what was going on out there that day. Bear in mind–Julian Payne won the 16 & Under division for a reason–he ripped it all weekend long!!!

  • Matt

    I don’t know the guy but I keep hearing about this kid Julian. What he can do out there is amazing. I’m no surfer fan, but this kid’s got my vote for sure.

  • sister from another mother

    Weston Williams without a doubt. He is the best everr!

  • sam denson

    looks like someone is cheating..someone who started below this am #’s r moving to fast buddy,noone likes a cheater


    Lets keep in mind how young Weston is compared to Payne. Also, I’m pretty sure you are suposed to be voting on the video clip above…. Weston’s 360 spanks everyone else’s clip. Period.

  • Uncle B

    I believe it says “….and now it’s your turn to tell us who threw it down the best.” I interpret that as who threw it down the best for the entire competition, not a 5 sec video clip. I did not see anything about age in the voting criteria either…………….JULIAN PAYNE is RED DRAGONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Steph G.

    I though Weston was 13 and thought Payne just turned 15. Doesn’t seem like too big a difference. Besides that Payne kid is smokin’ hot!

  • not sure

    I don’t know about that. Weston grab his rail and it was off the white water. Difficulty level low. Stevie’s was hands free off the face of the wave. Difficulty level high.

  • not sure

    Lets keep in mind how young Stevie is compared to Weston too. Weston’s clip does not spank Stevie’s clip.

  • Retro Guy

    Wow! This is turning into a classic American Idol race!! Who’s gonna rally up enough friends for the win?

    I don’t know any of these guys (I’m sure they’re all good) but whoever this site chose to show in the photo at the top of this post has got my vote. Anyone know for sure who that surfer is? That’s a sweet moment!!

  • Linda

    The surfer at the top of the page is none other than…Julian Payne!!!

  • surfchik.

    okay,i was there for this event and all hands down everyone was good. yes age doesnt matter but the expirence level does! weston is like 13 and is just as good as julian. but stevie is like 9 or 10 and has the experience of weston or julian. i used to hangout with stevie and stuff and this little kid RIPPs.
    everyone says hes the next big thing and im pretty sure they are right. no 5 sec clip is going to prove anything. u at least have to watch everyone one of them guys fer at leasttt 30 min.
    my vote goes to STEVIE.

  • Luv my little BRO:

    I dont care what they all say little brother, you the best in our eyes no matter what anyone else thainks, and thats all that matters! I love you buddy!

  • howz the kids

    All these kids look pretty good. I would like to see more of them on better waves.