Swimsuit Issue 2013: Meet Tanya

posted by / Swim, Video / February 26, 2013

SURFING Magazine Swimsuit issue on sale April 2


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18 Responses to “Swimsuit Issue 2013: Meet Tanya”

  1. EAST COAST says:

    Darn guess tanya is more important then Quik cutting your buddy balaram.

    typical, your only cool if you got stickers right

  2. dewgun says:

    After watching that video,you were thinking about a man?

  3. Brian says:

    Where can I buy the music from this video? I could not find Wanderer – Swimm on the web.

  4. cowabunga says:

    To dewgun:

    No sh!zt.

  5. Pharon says:

    Tanya is the quintessential Cali girrrl. Dreamy and sensual.
    Imagine if she could fry up a decent breakfast. In a baby doll dress.
    As a surfer – still buzzing on a sic sesh, to lovingly partake in that . . .
    and that after breakfast exercise routine, you know, bend and stretch.
    Stretch it out for as long as the moment allows. Yeah, I love her. Fully.

  6. Brownie says:

    Damn, what is her last name?

  7. Mike says:

    I agree….She is Gorgeous.

    Last name please!!

  8. All of Australia says:

    Forget last Name? What’s her number?

  9. Steve says:

    Where can I find the intro song?
    I can’t find Wanderer- Swimm???

  10. Jason Miller says:

    SWIMM had this to say about their upcoming album:

    “We are releasing our debut EP next month. We have the vinyl and digital DL available for pre-sale here: SWIMMmusic.bandcamp.com”

    Hopefully that helps!

  11. Joseph says:

    Oh hey, another surfingmagazine page with a big blank area instead of the video/. WTF? What are you, some kind of fuking morons?

  12. dickie says:

    Hey hey, it’s not entirely your fault. May be vimeo, but you are still dumbfux. Thanx/

  13. Sloan says:

    I hope this is a teen mag otherwise there are alot of pervs & pedophiles out there. Nothing wrong with a pretty woman in a suit but some of these girls in these suit mags are just kind of goofy because they just look too young. Only a creepy pig or perv would find that sexy, but then again, there are alot of those in the world! ;)

  14. Keith says:

    where can you buy this swimsuit edition at? I would ove to see these pretty ladies.

  15. Phil says:

    I want to be that bike seat.

  16. atown says:

    Sloan…is a fag

  17. Johnny Deigh says:

    She is so hot! Her name is Tanya Smart.

  18. No Dice says:

    Is that music at the beginning of the video Wanderer? It reminds me of U2 and I’ve got to have that song in any case.

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