Swimsuit Issue Out Now

posted by / Swim, Video / March 28, 2011

It’s finally here — and just in time for the first heat wave of spring. Our second ever stand-alone swimsuit issue is hitting newsstands and surf shops over the next few weeks and we hope you’ll grab one. Here’s a tease of what you can expect in the magazine, mainly beautiful girls skipping through the sand and playing in the water (which is why most of us started surfing in the first place right?). It was shot on location in The Dominican Republic by photographer Kane Skennar. Grab a copy at your local surf shop. It’s good looking.

2011 Swimsuit Issue by Surfing Magazine

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  • shhesher


  • Master P

    You know how I know you’re gay? You watch a video like THAT and comment on the video player.

  • Bikini Lover


    Love the Swimsuit Issue. Great location, bikinis, and video, XO

  • sheesher

    how do you knowyou’re gay, you name yourself Master P for Puss ee hater…hey dump head the player dont work Kook…gay bars love you and Vimeo is your boyfriend…

  • Joko

    First of all, hot ladies. Secondly, I agree with Master P. Third, please don’t stop using Vimeo. YouTube is pure shit. Anyone who is actually serious about producing videos knows this.

  • Ryan

    Good comeback sheesher……..

    Master P still makes a great point.

  • Kevin

    Best ever swimsuit mag. Thank you

  • Ryan

    I have a subscription to both suring and surfer mag, but will i recieve the swimsuit issue? Because it says that it will only be hitting the newstands and surfshops… =/

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  • patiently waiting…

    when’s this hitting the newsagent stands in oz? or how can i get a copy sent to me? thanks

  • Chris

    Why dis the loyal subscribers by making the swimsuit issue only available on news stands??

  • mike

    Can I buy a swimsuit copy and have it sent to me? It is not on newstands in my area.

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  • Kevin

    I can’t find the new swim app on my iPhone. Where is it?

  • Jesus Cruz

    Whats that lady’s name in the cover of the magazine?

  • thematador

    Does anyone know where you can buy that yellow bikini that is on the cover?

  • SURFING Magazine

    Some Answers:

    First off, sorry to subscribers, this is a newsstand issue only. It is a larger size/better paper/special issue that cost quite a bit to make. Therefore we try to recoup some cost by selling it outside of the $10 subscription. We are working hard on getting it added to subscriptions for a small additional fee. Like check the box to receive the swim issue for an additional $X…

    I don’t believe it’s available on newsstands in AU. If you would like to get a copy mailed to you, please email tristin.akahoshi@sorc.com for details.

    The app has hit some delays at apple. They need to approve everything that is available through the app store and some of the content may have been deemed “too sexy” for apple’s liking. We’re working on it, but come on, should we have to tone it down?

    The wonderful Chelsea Salmon is on the cover and graces several pages throughout. She is a true stone cold fox and is wearing a B Swim bikini called the mini cupcake.

    Hope that helps.

  • Sterling

    The app will be free… but as a subscriber we still have to pay extra ?

  • Sterling


    lol, all i see is a bunch of goddesses

  • Jimmy aus

    2 words. fuck me

  • Derek Clobber

    False advertising with the app.say download the non existing app. Or pay extra ten bucks for our soft-core issue. A cold slap in the faces if your faithful subscribers, I for one am out.
    Try using better quality on regular issues, oh why bother?

  • smallz

    que rica!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jmonty

    Where can I buy the yellow bikini featured on the cover of this magazine?????

  • Jmonty

    Where Can I buy this yellow bikini features on the cover if this magazine????

  • Jason Miller
  • TheTay

    Here’s stores for swimwear:

  • Bob

    Hi, what’s the music?……

  • Enhancer

    Mmmmm! Wow! Wow! In this video, beautiful model swimsuits! The girls are very beautiful model and swimwear these emphasize their beauty even more! As a beautiful mermaids!

  • rex

    Anyone know the name of the models? they are nowhere in the credits, just the photog.

  • Jeff

    Beautiful bodies and sexy swimwear — but I don’t see anybody realistically SURFING in any of those pieces! Seems to me like a shameless ploy right out of Sports Illustrated’s playbook. A little differentiation would’ve been nice – sexy – but more appropriate to the surf audience!


  • susie

    Nothing better than hot girls in hot bikinis!

  • g.campbell

    need any help with props like surfboards or anything next issue guys ?

  • stephanie

    wow best issue yet> all the girls look like real models. The brunettes are my favorite and i love the cover. great job on the location and styling. the girls are the best yet. the other issues are not that strong.