Taj Burrow // Jeffreys Bay // 3:26

posted by / Video / August 11, 2014

The 2014 J-Bay Open was Taj Burrow’s for the taking. His axe was sharp in and out of a jersey for the entire waiting period. It was sharp enough to cut through a forest of pine, but it was not sharp enough to cut through a rampaging Matthew Wilkinson. Nonetheless, here’s an edit of Taj freesurfing and not freesurfing Jeff’s. One of the world’s best surfers at one of the world’s best waves? If there is such a way to go wrong, it is unknown by us.

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  • Davey Cutbacks

    Somebody give this guy a title. And by somebody, i mean ASP.

  • Steve venz

    None of these waves is as good as 50 year old tom curren’s 10 point ride… Kind of weak and pedestrian in my opinion..