Taj Burrow // San Clemente // 2:52

posted by / Video / March 12, 2012

Taj and Matt “Mayhem” Biolos collaborate and the results are stellar — he’s currently sitting in first on the World Tour

Bigger aerials and snappier maneuvers. Could it yield a World Title?

taj burrow

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  • Shohei

    Kelly stopped imopetcng against other surfers a long time ago. I don\’t think anyone really knows his true motivation(s) for continuing to compete (and why would he completely reveal anything?) I suppose that an element of it is that he is imopetcng against the likes of Jordan, Phelps, Federer, Armstrong or whoever else you think should be included in the running, for Best Athlete Ever- ( mainstream media might never give a surfer a fair shot at this title. It\’s too hard to relate.) Another factor is that unlike say five years ago, the world tour is a very progressive arena and Kelly wants to be in that conversation. There used to be a divide, with many pontificating that way better surfing was going down outside of contests. As it is now (well maybe in a couple months), Dane lays down turns in contests that are far and away some of the best shit he has ever done (j-bay hack, trestles rotator, Puerto rico, brazil backhand method.)And the combos that I see from Jordy and Owen are mental as well. So why wouldn\’t Kelly still want to be on tour? You can chase waves between events and can do it with relative ease being Slater. I\’m stoked for the dude, he\’s killing it. Maybe lay off the ally oops; they’re kinda like jordy always going for the supers. Having said that, that massive front hand grab one that he almost pulled in the contest, would\’ve been nuts. That is the whole event in a nutshell: the shit that almost went down.