Tanner Rozunko of the San Clemente Family

posted by / Video / August 24, 2010

The San Clemente Junior Mafia is a thing to be reckoned with these days, and Tanner Rozunko is therein a don ottimo. He rules the peaks with cold ruthlessness. He does air reverses on a twin-fin fish (at 00:27). He does contests very occasionally but doesn’t like them. He skates, as any SC mob member must. Evidently, he also shreds the gnar. Sonar.

Here’s Tanner.

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6 Responses to “Tanner Rozunko of the San Clemente Family”

  1. Sammy says:

    Kinda rips, kinda.

  2. nate yeomans says:

    I thought the SC mafia died back in 92, but I guess its alive and thriving. Junior mafia lynch man “little T” holding it down

  3. VS says:

    We are blessed to know the Rozunko family…one of the most amazing, soulful, fun families in California.

  4. shred says:

    hes a SC kook. just like kolohe, luke davis and all those other lemons in that rat pack. wear some tighter jeans you homo!

  5. Jon says:

    so this is what goes on in forms….get a life

  6. g-flat says:

    holy shit hes the american Laurie Towner!! he better charge the big shit so he can live up to his surf-alike!

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