Thanks for the Dinner & the Sex

posted by / Video / June 6, 2011

*WARNING: This film features explicit material that may not be suitable for all viewers. We had to say that.

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  • johhny wad

    What a piece of c r a p. makes you wonder what these guys are smoking?

  • Steve Shearer

    I thought I was going to hate this and I fucking loved it.

    Finally we are moving away from super-slo mo looking like bad car commercial glossy shit like scratching the surface with shitt electronica/techno into something grittier with mood and some fucking shweet pyschedelic noise rock.

    Had a good feeling. Good moody feelings. Most of the surfing was kind of tired though: flat tech spins just look shitt now. Height and controlled rotes like John Florence, Reynolds and Slater are where it’s at now.
    Teebs fucking ripped it about eleven new ones.

    Thanks for putting it up for free.

  • Todd Johnson


  • Sven

    Oh wow, we filmed stuff. Look at me! Trees.

  • tin foil hat

    5 air reverses in the first sequence…
    very bland after a nice build up.
    all in all, a good vid.

    but to touch on the beginning —> either the director thinks air reverses are something new or we are supposed to.

    these air reverses just killed the opening.

    good airs obviously, but we have seen this stuff before.

    an opening sequence is to draw the viewer in, not bore them.

  • jay

    dions actually on his rails

  • @$$

    is it just my screen or are there adds covering 2/3rds of the screen? come on, the videos are adds anyway.

  • james

    there should be a law against videos with jet ski assisted airs. Taj made it worth watching.

  • zach

    dion was surfing pretty sick though

  • S11ter

    so did dion bang the naked chick in the begining or wat???

  • bob

    was this all shot through a hipstamatic app on the iphone?

  • Eman

    Note to movie makers. The air reverse is boring as shit to watch over and over.

  • mike in SD

    some tits…some ass…some red hot surfing…some great waves…some shitty waves…i give it a ten. it helps that i’m easy to please but hell…what the fuck do you guys want? anyone slamming this needs to remember that no one cares what you think. it’s a surf flick for fucks sake not a multi million dollar epic.

    note to all filmmakers…surfers love tits, waves and good music. air reverses are cool by me. we love watching surfing and are grateful for every shot, every time…this kid even makes shitty waves look good. keep up the good work.

  • mike in SD

    WARNING: This film features explicit (righteous) material (surfing) that may not be within the skills of some surfers. HAH! dis this all you want…he surfs better than you.

  • Rob

    Its a free video, shut up and enjoy it!