The Bobby Martinez Interviews

posted by / Video / August 5, 2013

Bobby speaks with Eithan Osborne, Conner Coffin, CJ Hobgood, Kalani Robb and Dane Reynolds about life after pro surfing

Bobby asks the hard questions

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  • plump blumpkin

    stay in school kids….

  • SB Ripper

    Sounds like Bobby is realizing he’s been nothing but a big ‘ol dick the past few years while losing the respect of the SB crew and the world. You got a long way to go to redeem yourself Bobby. You may rip, but you’re still a giant a$$hole

  • Japati

    Bobby is rad!.. Hope this “The Bobby Martinez Interviews” thing grows into something bigger. I wanna see more of him surfing!

  • Surfingkook

    WTF the video will not play. You click play and it says “Sorry there was an issue with playback”.

  • CJD

    You’ve gone up in my estimation Bobby – for what that’s worth (very little)

  • manbearpig

    i like this kinda stuff…lets see more of it

  • NM

    So good. My favorite ING feature in years. Keep it up. And great work to Bobby and all the surfers/editors/filmers and creative behind this one. Let’s keep challengING, pioneerING and explorING.

  • Ben

    That was very interesting and enjoyable. Several of those guys, Bobby, Dane, and now Conner, are among the best in the world.

  • Joseph


  • Thin

    Bobby needs to work on his questions. Before he asks them. Give him some crayons maybe he’ll draw you a picture too. You’re letting him make a fool out of himself but it makes the mag look bad too. I guess the bar has fallen pretty low for surf writing these days.

  • Chongo

    Absolutely… value-less.

  • Aloha Alex

    Don’t think that 60 Minutes will be calling Bobby anytime soon.

  • emily

    what does the kid say after bobby asked if he liked to do anything besides surfing?