Theatre of Sport: Bali // 8:29

posted by / Video / July 19, 2013

Sometimes heats on demand are not enough to capture the essence of a contest, because you know you just skip to the best waves. Sometimes watching the whole thing live isn’t even enough. Sometimes you need to get three RED cameras, some Red Bull and a few sunburnt-red videographers (Michael Mallalieu, Dwayne Fetch and SURFING’s very own Sean Benik, who also edited this little gem) to make an NFL Films-inspired short and bring you the triumphs, defeats, tears and laughter of the surfers we know and love. Nice work, gentleman. We don’t even care that you spelled “theater” wrong.

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  • 805 local

    So sick. Our sport needs more of this. I could see this as a 15 min spot with narration on ESPN. Surfing will never be on display like a traditional sport, but I could see this type of storytelling do well. Nicely done.

  • Brian

    That was simply amazing. I love surfing and the NFL, and videos like this show how incredible this sport is just as the NFL is. This sport can be an art form as other sports are. RAD.

  • Cody

    Solid video, definitely unique. And hate to be that guy, but they didn’t spell “theatre” wrong.

  • Marcus Bockman

    “Theatre: Because if it’s not the preferred spelling in America, it’s obviously not an acceptable way to spell a word.” A free hint to Surfing’s author of this post: when attempting to write a witty graff about a word allegedly spelled in a “wrong” manner: check a dictionary (or, I mean, at least use google the word in question, your iPhone probably has app for that) before posting your final draft.

  • Marcus Bockman

    *or I mean, at least use google to check the word in question, your iPhone probably has an app for that