Theatre Of Sport // Hurley Pro At Lowers // 4:47

posted by / Video / October 10, 2013

The second showing of Theatre of Sport takes a good hard look at the Hurley Pro at Lowers. Jacob Vanderwork and Sean Benik captured every smile, frown and scowl that the mostly reserved World Tour dared to flash at the event and they packaged it all up for your enjoyment. It tells a story in a way that your favorite orator could only dream of. As a matter of fact, you end up feeling like you’re right there on that cobblestoned beach — or at least watching an NFL film that happens to feature Taj Burrow.

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  • lowers loc

    that was most dope

  • SurferDude

    Wow. for a second I almost forgot it was just surfers surfing

  • Brian

    This was the contest where the judges scores really began to ruin the sport. Seeing these numbers on the surfers jerseys make you think more about the politics of the sport rather than the surfer themselves. Pupo isn’t really 25th – he’s 4, 5, 6, 7 with Medina, Julian, Kerr, and Jordy. Florence isn’t really 12th he’s 1 or 2 with Slater. Fanning isn’t really 2 he’s 9 or 10 with Parko.

  • ron

    Although I agree with what Brian said about the ranks, this wasn’t the first contest that judges scores ruin the sport… judges scores have been ruining the sport since the beginning it’s just now that people are starting to realize that… hard to blame it all on them cause early on in competitive surfing it was the system that was holding people back, now I feel like it’s them… crazy how a small stagnant group of humans are making and breaking peoples careers…

  • Patty Cakes

    That was pretty lame. They’re uneducated guys that have only surfed in life and have nothing else to offer society but their own ego’s. Pretty sad that people dig this crap.

  • yeah guy

    @Patty Cakes – what brings you to this site? in all seriousness, with such an opinion, why are you here? even more… what do you offer to society?