Tiger VS Bear: Dane Reynolds And Michel Bourez

posted by / Video / March 5, 2014

This is a major turn-off. Dane Reynolds, Michel Bourez, more power than Rome in the year 300. Dane comes in hot and lays down the meanest grab rail carve we’ve seen since Limp Bizkit was nominated for a Grammy. HE maintains speed throughout the entire turn and finishes as strong like an ox. It’s insane, but here comes Michel Bourez. Michel’s turn is an experiment in pushing it as hard as humanly possible. It starts off on the rail, then gets a little bit snappy and eventually results in a slide — which is only inevitable when you push that hard. Both maneuvers are as volatile as they are tech. And now you have to take a turn.

Who won the fight: the tiger or the bear?

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  • marcus

    this is the best tiger v bear yet!! good shit

  • devtron

    Both are sick but don’t you think we have them backwards? Dane’s carve seems more bearlike and Michel’s more tigerish no?

  • shark

    Tiger, Dane just makes it look so fun

  • Marsland
  • jerry hanson

    In another time long ago, Mark Martinson, Tom Curran, and a few other extremely good surfers tried that turn, nobody was on that small of a wave, and as I recall no one completed the turn. Dane did. That was the best cutback turn rail grab ever completed. How is that not he winner !

  • Bob

    Gotta go with the bear on this one for sure.

  • anyone

    two different turns entirely…

    dane sat on the rail, bourez released.

    this whole experiment is mute unless both surf the same wave in the same conditions and execute similar turns.

    do you like chocolate ice cream or salt pretzels?

    maybe thats why the judging is so fucked up?

  • Is anyone listening?

    Chocolate ice cream you stupid fucking asshole! Git it Michel!!

  • kirk the lurk

    both turns are mental no doubt but its good to see michel get the majority of votes, clearly the winner. even more impressive is that the majority see it that way as well especially in this day and age of “dane is the best surfer ever”.

  • Ben

    Michel, hands down… and Dane’s turn still rocked.

  • Matt S.

    Dane is the best surfer ever but Bourez wins this one.

  • willie

    we have all seen DANES MASSIVE!power gouges and hacks so michele did one dane does at least a million every session! cant compare

  • burnt animal

    dildo vs. butt plug