Tiger VS Bear: Dillon Perillo And Conner Coffin

posted by / Video / February 13, 2014

Rincon hides no man’s flaws. Sure, her majesty offers a perfect wall — but not everybody knows what to do with a perfect wall. Luckily, Dillon Perillo and Conner Coffin are not like everybody. Both surfers know exactly how to entertain a good wave at Rincon. Dillon, groomed at Malibu, flows three solid turns without much fuss in between. Conner, raised by Rincon, gets four in. It’s a rough life for a judge, now isn’t it?

Who won the fight: the tiger or the bear?

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  • Jay

    NEITHER!!!!! WTF Mate supposed to be exciting

  • loosen up those jeans

    Jay, you must be one of those self proclaimed hipster dorks. You know the guys who can maybe land an air every once in awhile or catch more waves than everyone else because you ride super fat wide twin fins that paddle like longboards ( Wait! Maybe you are a Longboarder? Maybe a D@#K Dragger?). This is how men surf. See they put it on rail!

  • CT

    Both are boring and predictable

  • bunton

    For a “power” surfer Conner doesn’t throw much spray!! Both ripping though.

  • yup

    Both killing it, prefer Coffin’s approach. Uses the full rail and looks like hes throwin buckets to me mang.

  • anyone

    gotta be kidding, wouldn’t the “draw” be real if both surfed the same day/conditions?

    don’t care either way.

    put two birds into a cage and judge which one flies better, industrial surf complex.


  • bufu

    Although they are both flying it’s no contest. Connor’s approach is more critical and requires more skill. Not many people in the world can fly like that. Not part of the surf industrial surf complex. Just an average observer……