Tiger VS. Bear: Dylan Graves And Conner Coffin

posted by / Video / August 28, 2013

Which animal would win in a fight: a tiger or a bear? It’s a question as old as life itself. A question that has stumped everyone from Aristotle to Jobs. An enigma. Does the agile tiger tear the bear to death? Does the burly bear maul the feline all the way to the grave? One cannot be sure.

Our wildly subjective world of surfing is filled with tigers and bears. It’s prowled by beasts of good surfing and these beasts are all unique. There is no definitive way of saying if a tiger is better than a bear — it’s solely a matter of preference. And in the good name of democracy, we ask you to take your preference to the polls and tell us…

Who won the fight: the tiger or the bear?

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  • ThatOneGuy

    Ummm…. Tiger VS. Bear?

    More like apple VS orange.

    Two different types of turns on two different types of waves.

    Both quite awesome.

  • Ben

    Great comparison. I’m quite a fan of Dylan’s attitude and surfing, but I think that ultimately Conner Coffin will establish himself as an elite power surfer, a rail-turning beast in a field of tail-flicking boys.

  • Mik

    Connor is more on-rail, but he could have started that turn on a more vertical section of the wave which would have shown more power at full speed…

    Dylan hit the lip with a lightening fast snap, but he could have carved under the lip at that same spot on the wave position…

    So, I’m with “thatoneguy”, both awesome, but they both need to study Andy Irons on film, because Andy set the bar for power surfing by doing what I described above, which I humbly learned from watching him over and over and over….

  • ignacio

    dylans turn more had more packed more punch and fluid but i will tell uthis u dont see either guy fall off that much both conner and dylan are polished and accomplished vets. and i can see alot of Gerr in conners surfing solid. but for the most part it wont be long before power surfing will be here to stay. staying connected to the wave .Knox and Dane ,Sunny,Curren,Carrol,Dane K.,KONG,Shuan T,R. Cram,OCCY,MP,

  • the winner is

    The winner is the idiot who got paid to put this up. My vote goes to the Jackass.

  • alex yepis

    With Dylan Graves give credit where credit is due. His love for surfing shows in the way he surf’s. He is very smooth and fluid.He should be making more movies.

  • BUFU

    Dylan’s turn seems more radical to me. Connor is showing great technique on his turn but I dig the rapid change of direction and the critical area that Dylan did his turn on.

  • norkilla

    dylans turn was a bit out of control in my opinion. connors turn was stylish and controlled start to finish. also… dylan threw a layback… a much easier turn than a committed, fast, and drawn out carve… can’t believe dylans winning this one…

  • Matt S.

    I freaking love the turn Dylan did! So fast, critical, and spray 6ft off the top of the wave. Connor’s turn was different and great but to me the more impressive turn is Dylan’s.