Tiger VS. Bear: Eric Geiselman And Fisher Heverly

posted by / Video / September 11, 2013

With the Hurley Pro a short few days away, T. VS. B. heads to Lowers. Eric Geiselman, the tiger, sticks a Tony approved frontside varial. It’s skate and it’s grrrreat. Fisher Heverly, the bear, lands one of the smoothest stalefish reverses we’ve ever feasted eyes on. His tail points high in the sky and he spins with the rapid-fire tenacity of Yogi ruining a picnic — lunch meat and pita chips flying everywhere. Ah, two vastly different maneuvers at America’s favorite triangle of cobblestones. Now summon your every shard of subjectivity and tell us whose you like more.

Who won the fight: the tiger or the bear?

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Clips courtesy of Alex Frischman and Jensen Young Sik.

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  • anon

    thats a damn shovit not a varial!

  • dana quinn

    the thing eric does is sick and different, but i’m saying fisher all the way

  • Gabe Biancone


  • wtf happen?


  • It’sOnlyAParkingLotWang…

    Love Fisher and all the SNC crew for all those mad shredders do in the water around the world but nukkah please.
    Big E’s shuv all the way.
    Both those crazy cats can blast huge fs / bs air reve’s all day long so while I am awed by Hev’s amplitude and abandonment EG’s total control over something you do not see successfully completed or attempetd nearly as often as FH’s filthy air get’s the chicken dinner.
    Well done boy’s, well done…

  • Amanda Clark

    Fish all the way! He kills it!

  • Bobby

    The waves are total crap.. The surfing is total crap. Those children are hopping around like farts in a skillet on those waves….