Tiger VS Bear: Filipe Toledo And John John Florence

posted by / Video / October 9, 2013

Nearly four months ago at the Oakley Pro Bali, John John Florence stuck one of the best airs that the ASP has ever had the pleasure of witnessing. The crowd erupted, Sebastian Zietz’s head exploded and the judges unanimously pressed the 10 button on their keypads. The clip was revered by the surf world, then packaged and distributed to the mainstream via Yahoo.com. Honest family men from St. Paul saw it, scratched their heads and wondered why John repeats his first name. It changed the game.

Fast forward to last week. Playing in this newly changed game, Felipe Toledo faced off against Jeremy Florez at the Quiksilver Pro France. Felipe was feeling frisky with an 8.5 already in his scoreline when he stomped an ‘oop that rivaled John John’s. Felipe earned a 9.97 for his efforts, but in the pre-JJF era it would have been an uncontested 10.

John’s alley-oop might be a touch higher and he seems to linger in the air for longer, but Felipe was just shy of accomplishing what Albee Layer did a year ago and his landing may have been cleaner. Also, strictly for you fans of irony, John John claimed and Felipe didn’t. Where’s that kid from again?

A tiger, a bear and the perfect fight. Ding ding.

Who won the fight: the tiger or the bear?

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Clips are from the kind souls of Michael Mallalieu and the ASP.

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  • DanDan

    can I have my first name twice. clearly I’m a JJ fan. and think JJF won this! not just because it was a bigger but also because he was putting it on the line in that heat against Zeitz. And you could tell they were both fighting hard to go bigger & deeper to win. Felipe’s was nice and cool with the head dip afta but not much was ridin’ on it. It was more of an after thought attempt and pull. JJ’s smooth style still leads you to believe he could’ve attempted anything on that wave and pulled it! more like a moment vs’ a highlight clip. I’d have to say from a ASP fan/viewer the moment would win “10” out of “10”.

  • knowlzy

    jjf,way more tweeked and way more height. period!

  • Col

    I just don’t like the brazilians

  • Robert Flag

    JJ won this. But Toledo is best in airs.

  • Ben Chang

    Johns air is heaps better on height, distance traveled, style and the fact that it was in a clutch situation. While Felipe did do an amazing air it was nothing close to what Albees air was and whoever wrote that needs to check their eyes. Felipe also pumps down the line with his whole body and arms waving semi frantically and it just looks bad.

  • Joe

    John’s air is better hands down, and is a better aerialist in general. Filipe is the most consistent aerialist but John gets higher, has more variety and can do more grabs with better style. Anyone who thinks Filipe has better airs clearly doesn’t know much

  • Johny

    You can just vote JJ, because you don’t like Brazilians. We are voting about the maneuver. I can give a fuck if the guy is from Brazil, Australia or USA, it’s about who got it more smoothly and higher.

  • Dadá Souza

    Filipe Toledo – More radical, best landing

  • B

    JJ’s was better in every way. You can’t compare Felipe’s to Albee’s either, all felipe did was over rotate a lil bit. JJ came down with his nose spointing in the direction he went an looked like a smoother transition to me. Bear got it all day.

  • ixtepo

    I am a brazzo, for realz.

    Felipe got robbed! Unbelievable!!!

    Just kidding :) If JFF is a 10 then Felipe’s is a 6…

    I am brazzo, but not blind!

  • Yeahhh Sik

    JJs was higher, more inverted, and the wave was bigger and the section more critical. Also the line JJ took is just much smoother. Both are unbelievable airs and quite different waves and much different approaches to the same maneuver. I friekin love this series keep em cumin

  • Mik

    what i like better about the amazing height of JJ’s punt is that it came from the speed of the wave itself, which is what is so amazing about Keramas.

    Everything happens crazy fast there, when it’s above head high… More than Rockies, etc… Even though JJ makes it look like he’s rotating in slo mo.

    Otherwise, they are very close.

    btw: the graphic design for this is sick. (genius)

  • Diego

    TIGER! And JJ claimed!!!

  • James

    John John´s was a great air, but his claim ruined everything.

  • josh

    JJF no contest… More hangtime, looked completely effortless, nose was practically vertical and argued as being the best punt in ASP history.

  • Mark

    That stupid comment about Brazilian, Col You should be someone who knows nothing besides your neighborhood, Brazil is very different than you think people and has incredible and humble, many different surfers represent our country, my vote is in favor of wisdom, think about.

  • ACE retro

    JJF crushed that spastic-crab, pfffftt
    kick-rocks brazzo-crabs

  • Alphanso Alphanso

    John John is the rising of the new talented generation.He going to crushed out all of those old guys. Good job John.

  • Steve

    Both great airs. John Johns was better but he had a better wave to do it on. Fili Fili’s was more radical while john johns was big smooth.

  • Peumartinez

    Dear Mr. Col,

    What do you know about Brazil and Brazilians? I think you are one of those who think that in Brazil’s native language is Spanish, and you think you see monkeys on the street. Oh and I am sure you discriminate and disrespect other races, nations and ethnic backgrounds.
    JJ won this, landing was better, more tweaked and controlled.
    By the way, I am Brazilian!

  • Lucas Gomes

    First of all guys, be impartial. I’m a brazilian and I voted for JJ’s air, because I like it better. My opinion. Whoever voted for one because they hate the other one’s country should be ashamed.

  • Ricardo

    I just hate Australians! Vote For Felipe, way better in the air than JJ

  • ivan

    Claim, no claim, Brazzo, doesn’t matter. Both pretty cool and I hope that many more are coming. Ok I’m Brazilian, but damn, JJ was pretty awesome. Good going kids – give us more and more to cheer about.

  • Montana

    JJ’s air was so laid out. Style points.