Tiger VS Bear: Filipe Toledo And Eric Geiselman

posted by / Video / June 18, 2014

One tiger, one bear, two wild airs. Today, we watch Filipe Toledo and Eric Geiselman explore different types of inversions. And aren’t they both something? Filipe’s is confounding. Just confounding. It’s like one of those hucks that guys like Josh Kerr and Sebastian Zietz can nail — you know, the thing that folks tried calling a club sandwich but the name never stuck because it’s a hideous monicker for anything outside of stacked meat. Yeah, it’s like that but even more tweaked. And higher. Kerrzy and Bass mostly do theirs on/around the face while Filipe goes for nothing but net. Meanwhile, Eric does a flip. A real flip. It’s almost like the ones that Flynn Novak, Gabriel Medina and Timmy Curran (remember him?) have stuck, just not quite the same rotation. It’s so stylish, so fresh, so clean — the kind of shit that would embarrass even Andre 3000. But there can only be one winner. Now vote.

Who won the fight: the tiger or the bear?

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  • cuckolder

    toledo for sure. that thing was fucked

  • Joe

    They’re both good!! Question is: which would you rather pull off in front of your friends or pros? I’m gonna go with Eric because he’s fully out of the water.

  • seriously…


  • TED

    Tiger an easier section just grab an flip. Bear more speed more bump harder section plus more rise and the landing with speed and style…bear for sure.

  • bullshitter

    both very easy for me, but the bigger one looked closer to what I would have done…
    uuuhhhhhhhh, yeahhhhhhhhh

  • Johnny Longshanks

    El tigre es malo por supuesto. No le gustsa oso. No le gusta papi.

  • Bobby

    Why do you waste peoples time showing these crappy little waves… Who wants to see a couple kids hopping around on junk waves…